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Let's write that damn memoir already! 


Get ready for 90 minutes packed with humor, encouragement, and an approach to writing that actually works.   


When we feel scattered, insecure, and tell ourselves, 'now is not the right time', we run the risk of turning into someone who:

  • does a bunch of boring chores instead of working on our books.

  • waste a lot of time planning the book, but does very little actual writing.  

  • becomes resentful of other writers.

  • starts to think that since we didn't know we wanted to be an author since age three, we missed our window so why even bother?

Super tragic. And if you're thinking, 'That is totally me!' we would love to invite you to this free writing class.  


If you are ready for an approach to writing that permits you to bring more of your personality and passion to the process (instead of trying to copy everyone else's approach or waiting to write until you feel more author-esque) this class is for YOU.

By the end of this class you'll be able to: 

  • start where you are, even if you think, 'I'm not ready.' 

  • understand why writer's block is not a thing.  

  • begin to craft an exciting writing routine.

  • discover why 2022 is the best time to finish your book. 

Who are Inger and Sarah? 

Inge and Sarah are both life-coaches and authors who are passionate about helping people melt away their final barriers so they can finally create a business, a book, or anything else they desire from a place of joy, magic, and passion. (Humour is important, too. There is no need to take everything so seriously.) 

Sarah is the author of five books, and the latest one is titled, 'Where the Deer Dream.' She is also a Woman of Medicine and Shamanic Mentor. 

Inger has published one book and has two others in the works. She is also a practicing Buddhist and has a knack for creating page-turning strategies and structures. 

Oh, and both of them are really into beautiful clothes and places. 

flywith ys.jpg
Yes, I am so ready for this!
We'll gather on November 18th (via Zoom) at 6 pm Central/7 pm Eastern time. 

If you can't be there live, no worries. We'll email you the recording. 

Also, it doesn’t matter if your book lives in your head or you’ve already started.

Either way, you'll get something out of this training.  

Come! We can't wait to meet you!

Register below. 


Why not bring a friend along? The more the merrier!
Just sent them a link to this page.  

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