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Hello, friends!


In a fit of birthday celebration frenzy, I've cleared 10 spots in my calendar for--dun-dun-dun--those of you who would like help with your memoir. 

I've written and published two memoir-style books and working on my third. I also love reading memoirs, so memoirs are kind of my jam. 

So what keeps you from finishing with style? 

Let's make a fresh start! 

Maybe you need help with: things like structure, finding your voice, making a heavy topic lighter, or maybe you're stuck in research land, or perhaps you're freaked out by the thought of your old boyfriend reading the book. 
Whatever it is, we'll clear the deck and start fresh. 

After this 90 min birthday session: 

No one will wonder, 'what is my creative voice?' 
No one will think, 'I'm not the right person for this.' 
No one will be confused about what to do next.

1. We'll meet for 90 minutes. 
2. The cost is 90 pounds. 
3. We'll meet via Zoom, which means you can call in from anywhere in the world! 


You next move: just pay below and you'll be redirected to my booking page. 

(* I'm only giving away ten of these sessions | first comes first basis. )

The payment is non-refundable, so please invest with clarity and intention. 
Must be used within 3 months. 
Image by Marko Brečić


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90-minute birthday session 

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