Virtual Bonfire Gatherings | Free Training | Led by Tasha and Inger
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Discover the Hidden Powers of Micro Fun


This workshop is for everyone who wants to connect with their truth, feel more authentic, and never run out of things to look forward to. 

Yes, please!
Walk away with tools that will help you enjoy life more fully
and act on positive change. 

When is this? May 5th, from 7-8 pm UK time. 

How will we meet? Online, via Zoom. This means you can participate from anywhere in the world. Yes!

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What will happen inside this workshop? 


  • You'll discover why positive change happens more quickly when we take small and deliberate steps, rather than relying on drastic and time-consuming leaps. 

  • You'll learn to trust your desires and act on them. 

  • You'll get permission to stop doing all the things that drain your life-force. 

  • You'll walk away with concrete tools and methods that will infuse your everyday life with joy, satisfaction, and meaning. 

So whether you're feeling a bit off track, ready to break the meaningless habit of saving the best for last, or just curious about this whole micro-fun thing, you'll get something valuable out of this class. ​Keep reading. 

Imagine this. . .

Micro-fun is not just about random moments of happiness and joy, it's about  purposefully creating a life that supports your sense of truth, justice, belonging, and peace. It's also about plugging energy leaks caused by minor irritations, frustration, complaining, and checking out.

It's about making sure that you spend your precious time here on earth doing what you really want, and that you're moving towards what you really want, one moment of micro-fun at a time. 

If you take this to heart and really practice it, what will your life look like just a month from now? Only one way to find out! 


Sign up today, and together we'll rise above blah, meh, and ‘why bother’ and get back into your happy-place of truth and belonging. That’s where the magic happens!


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Welcome to our Virtual Bonfire Gathering!

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What people are saying: 

"You guys rock! It's only been five minutes, and already every word is helpful."  

"I laugh more and engage more in conversation."

"I'm more productive and daring in my business."

"While making dinner I put on some dance music. Much happier!"

"It was a beautiful and light-giving session! Thank you, Tasha and Inger"

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Inger Kenobi
Who are we? 
Tasha Dalrymple

We are Inger Kenobi and Tasha Dalrymple, two life-coaches  known for helping people live life to the fullest and breaking the frustrating cycle of saving the best for last. 

What will you learn, exactly

  • How to rebrand your To-Do list to a Fun- List. 

  • Calibrate your mindset and your beliefs to your joy and desires, instead of handing your power over to stress and overthinking. 

  • Get into the habit of celebrating big and small wins. 

  • Increase your tolerance for longer periods of happiness and success. 

  • How we can work together (if you want to).