the importance 

of being  


What we remember creates our filters.

Our filters determine how we view the world.

THE PROBLEM WITH THAT is that our minds are so much better at remembering the crappy stuff that happens to us than the good stuff. This means our filters are jammed up with  boring and unhelpful stories of all the times we failed and blew it.  

In addition, just to add insult to injury, since our mind likes to be right (confirmation bias) it’s always scanning the outer world for evidence that will prove the filters right, no matter how wrong they are. Not only does this produce a warped picture of reality, but it also totally sucks. 

Lucky for us, there is another way. We can burn those crappy filters to the ground and design new and improved ones.

Simply by embracing the art of bragging.

BRAGGING AND CELEBRATING our wins ensures that we form real and reliable memories about our victories. Once those memories are cemented into our memory banks, they become part of our filters. Now we're talking!


Filters packed with fun and juicy stories sets our minds up for scanning the outer world for evidence that will match our killer filters. Yes!  

And in my experience, when my clients begin to take stock of all the great things they've done, they immediately become more confident and courageous. This transforms the narrative from WHY ME? to WHY NOT ME? Victory! 


​Now that you see the importance of being braggy, I invite you to take the quiz below.

Can't wait to read your replies! 

we are what we pay attention to.
let's pay more attention to the good stuff. 

Bragging Quiz


If you believe it will work out, you'll see opportunities. 

If you believe it won't, you will see obstacles

-wayne dyer

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