Joy, money, and fulfillment

I'm a thriving coach with fun clients that make my heart sing and where I get to use all my talents and insights for the benefit of my clients. 

i'm the go-to person for:


I'm the go-to person for money: 

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly. I'm always willing and ready to increase my income. I'm in a constant flow of gratitude, magic, and fun. I create immense value for my high-end coaching clients, which translates into abundance and cash-flow. My cash-flow has never been better, and it continues to flow. It's amazing to be this independent. I love receiving, spending, and playing with money. I love how money allows for so many more things to be set in motion. Money is motion. I love feeling confident about my income. I love being a wealth creator. I'm owning my magnetizing powers. I love taking care of Ben, being generous, and an example for what's possible

I'm a thriving coach with a fantastic client list: 

I'm sought after coach in high demand. I love being successful. I love being in a position where i help people shine. I adore taking my clients on adventures, both inner and outer. I love taking advantage of every possibility coming my way. I love being in my zone of genius. I spend most of my time there now. I have a high tolerance for success, abundance, and joy. I'm owning what I have to offer. 

I'm in a constant, effortless, flow of widening my circle of options and impact:

By not focusing on my resistance, but rather on what's possible, I now have a new book deal. I pay close attention to my vibration and enjoy going with the flow. I love going down stream. I love how fun this is. I love being in charge. I love creating what I want. I love manifesting the many gifts and treasures available to me in the vortex. The fact that Michele Obama is a client should tell you everything. By tapping into my highest intentions, I'm owning my place in the flow of conscious creation.  

I'm a go-to person for wisdom, wealth, intuition, and magic: 

I bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and the modern world. I listen to my intuition. My own story is more powerful than the outer display of phenomena. I decide. I create. I have access to spirit guides. I'm a vessel of information and insights. I'm always acting on my insights, and that's when the magic happens. I'm generous and what I give and share has tremendous value. I'm the go-to person for everything positive, fun, and amazing. I'm owning my joy and my seat at this table. 

I''m the go-to person for clarity, guidance, and cash-flow:

It's all connected. Authenticity. Integrity. Personal power. Cash flow. Money. Abundance. Happiness. Ease. Joy. I love how all these things play with each other. I love how I'm in a constant flow of prosperity. I love how my clients include people like Shonda Rhimes, Ellen, and the other Ellen. I make things happen. Opportunities find me. I let my curiosity lead me into my zone of genius. 

I love and attract things like: 

At least 5000 a month. High Tea. Beautiful views. The orient express. Like minded people. Anthropologie clothes. Picnics. Margaret Atwood. Magical forests. Long nails. A lean and fit body. Tree houses. Fire places. Outside fire places. Land. Clients, 2 high paying clients a month, plus one slay day a month. I get clients through Ben's work. I get clients through my website. I own my abundance. I love money. I'm owning that truth. 

I'm the go-to person for all things real and magic. 

Let's get to work.