Your resistance: cleared

Your progress: champagne worthy

I'm  here to help you stop waiting and start doing. I'm determined to see you succeed, on your own terms. 

You in? See more details below. 

coaching palooza

You’re an entrepreneur, consultant, artist, or in the process of pursuing a dream.  

You want to act on your goals. Now. 

You're ready to stop hiding, procrastinating, or worrying about your dreams being 'too unrealistic.' 

You're done following everyone else's rules like a puppy. 

If you’re hellbent on making serious progress and start trusting yourself, this is where you belong. 

What happens during our day together? 

During our 6 hours together you'll get strategies, tools, and guidance on topics like: 

:Lower your resistance so you can take action 

:Tune into your core values

:Learn why small steps create the biggest shifts

:Create happy boundaries around your time and your energy

:Upgrade your workspace to match your highest goals and dreams

:Create a plan that excites and enlivens you

:Discover why you are the perfect person for your dreams

:Learn to ask for MORE (more money, more success, more progress) without feeling like a selfish idiot. 

:Follow what lights you up. 


The Practicalities: 

1. Email me so we can schedule a time and date. 

2. Next. we'll meet via Zoom for 6 hours total. There will be plenty of time for breaks, food, and stretches. 

3.  Once we're done for the day, you'll have an additional 2 weeks of email support to ask questions and share insights and wins.

4. Cost: 800 pounds

Limited spaces available.

To reserve your spot, please email to inquire about availability:

Client Love

Inger is an amazing life coach. Her profound coaching skills gets you to dive deep below the surface. Not to reveal all your dirty secrets, but to discover all your hidden treasures. After working with her, the path forward is infused in clarity, confidence, and a little bit of magic. I can’t recommend her enough.   

-Lene Gravdal, Norway

Working with Inger has been life-changing. She has a unique ability to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. And when I was ready to give up on my dreams and sell myself short, she encouraged me to stay true to my vision. Two weeks later I landed my dream job. I can't wait to see what happens next. 

-S.E., London

The thing that I take away from my sessions with Inger is a renewed sense of confidence in myself and my choices. With her clear and bright energy, Inger holds a loving, unconditionally accepting and focused space that enables me hear my deepest wants and needs.  She is absolutely committed to honoring my unique truth and this has been instrumental in forging a purposeful, joyful and heart-led path for myself as a woman in this rapidly changing world.


-Maria Schonfeld/ Hampstead, UK

My intuition told me to hire Inger, and it was right. I've never felt better about myself. I speak up. I make more money. I take bigger risks, but I'm less scared. This is my life now. Amazing!

-E.R, Canada

It has been really inspiring to work with Inger on cCHANGE projects. Her energy, insights and humor create amazing outcomes. Her light and insightful approach to linking people and purpose is unique and has been very valuable to our work on climate change and sustainability issues.

-Karen O'Brien, Professor, University of Oslo, Co-Founder of cCHANGE

Q & A


All genders are welcome! This is an inclusive space. However, there are predictable mistakes/obstacles/challenges that women face in their private and professional life, and I'm passionate about breaking down those barriers. 

WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A CLEAR PLAN YET? I have this idea, this notion, but it's not a fully formed plan yet. I don't even know where to start!This is all so scary (and exciting!). Should I hire you now—or should I wait until I feel more ready? 

Sign up now! My first-class coaching tools will help you lay the foundation for what's next for you. You don't have to have all the answers before you start, but you do have to take the first step. Let me help you get started on the right foot. 

YOU SAY I CAN ACCESS MY INNER WISDOM: You say everything will come together in the best possible way. How can you be so sure about that? 

I can’t promise you'll achieve everything you set out to do—because I'm not in charge of your life. You are. Having said that, I can honest-to-goodness tell you that when you decide to go all in and you show up for yourself, and you do so for weeks and months on end, big things happen. Miracles, even. I've seen it time and time again. 

Do you have any other questions? I've got answers. 

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