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Eight weeks of playing with big and small dreams. 

When people ask what RISE is all about, we say, 'We created this program for people who want to feel lit up, limitless, and on track.'

It's your turn to make your dreams come true. 

It's your turn to trust yourself. 

It's your turn to  see yourself create miracles. 

Things will be different from now on. 




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Hello and welcome! We're Tasha and Inger, and we can't wait to get to know you better. Within this eight-week dream workshop we'll give concrete tools that will help you:
Pursue your desires with a lot less anxiety and a lot more confidence.
Normally we ping-pong between knowing what we want and talking ourselves out of what we want. We say things like:
I don't know where to start, so better wait. 
Who am I to want more?
Why wear the sexy underwear? Who'll notice? 
Something needs to change, but I'm also afraid of change. 
What if what I want is stupid and unoriginal? 
What if what I want makes no sense at all? 
What if it's all for nothing? 
you'll know how to: 
Create space in your life for the for all the things that light you up, even if your personal mantra is, 'There is never enough time.'
Melt away all the excuses that park themselves in your path.
Magically turn down the volume of your inner critic. 
Own what you want without guilt, fear, and shame. 
Drop all the useless 'shoulds' and settle into your zone of genius. 
Stretch your emotional bandwidth so that the gap between what you want and what you have starts to shrink and dissolve. 
And least but not last. . . 
Learn to tolerate happiness and success for longer periods of time, 
and on a bigger scale.
We're telling you, RISE is where dreams come true. 
You want more information? All right! Read on. 
In 2020, countless dreams and aspirations went up in smoke. Poof. Gone! Plans got abandoned. Projects got put on hold. We put on masks and held our breath. We adapted and survived. Suddenly we couldn't even relax at the local yoga studio, never mind throwing a big picnic for all of our friends. 
Almost a year later, things are still not back to 'normal'. 
As a result, many people feel that it's best to put all hopes and dreams on hold until later. It feels safer to wait and see. Why run the risk of wasting our time and getting disappointed again? Why even get dressed? It's not like anyone will see us. Thanks to ZOOM, we're practically invisible from the waist down. 
If this sound familiar, you're not alone. 
While there is nothing wrong with pausing and assessing a new situation, it can reach a tipping point where you suddenly feel like you're dying inside. 
What happened to feeling on track and alive? What happened to options?
What happened to planning and dreaming?
What happened to fun?
Since when did life become so flat?
And even if you know what you want, who are you to pursue your dreams while the rest of the world is suffering? How selfish can you get? 
The solution is to stop waiting for outer circumstances to change.
For the pandemic to be over. 
As Pema Chödrön would say, 'Start where you are.'
With that in mind, what do you want? What do you want right now?
Do you want to deepen your connection with the natural world?
Do you want to feel good naked? 
Do you want to wear all your fanciest clothes, just because? 
Do you want to make some serious money? 
Do you want to finally finish that manuscript? 
Do you want to have a more consistent self-care routine? 
Do you want to play with manifesting tools?
Something else?
Whatever it is, now is the time to call it in and claim it.
We'll start small - breathe - and watch a new path unfold. 
Taking decisive steps towards what you want  breaks the cycle of
waiting and seeing.This in turn acts as medicine to the part of you that knows
you're capable of so much more.
What else? Find out more below. 
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“I matter. My desires matter. Not because I realize them or cling to them or am defined by them. But because they bring me to life. They inspire me to grow into my fullest self and share that self with the world.”

-Jen Louden

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This workshop is inspired by the bestselling book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. We both love this book, as it's one of the most powerful books written on the topics of self-sabotage, the inner critic, and how to rise above outer and inner obstacles. Can you think of a better time to dive into these topics?

Tasha chimes in: This book is 100% aligned with my philosophy of living life Wide Open. Right now we're alive. Things might not be perfect, but this waiting, waiting, waiting, holding back, and getting stuck in a rut goes against every value that I have. You matter. Your dreams matter. I've always believed that we all have the power to create a life that we love, and after reading this book I felt so, so hopeful and inspired. I know you will too. 


Inger chimes in: I adore this book as it gives us the tools and the energy to go after anything we want without being drowned out by our inner nay-sayer. You know, the part of us that is always trying to manage what other people think and is convinced that following our desires is selfish and stupid. No, not just stupid;  reckless. After reading this book I felt a huge wave of relief. I knew there was a better way to do this! 



You'll become better at playing, pausing, and using all of you. 

You'll become better at not killing every new idea with overthinking

and indecision. 

You'll live a life filled with curiosity, fun, and passion. A life where there is space for synchronicity, magic, and surprises. 


You'll live a life where the present moment isn't hijacked by a slew of thoughts about everything that might go wrong in the future. 

Then there is the added bonus of doing this work in a workshop. Something truly magical happens when people come together with the same intentions and aspirations. The positive energy of the group make us more open and less self-critical. Plus, you'll make new friends and feel more supported. 
Consider this: how much of this do you already know?
What would you love to be better at?
What are the chances you'll make the necessary changes and upgrades all by yourself? Would it be easier (and faster) to do this work in the company of like-minded people? 





WHEN We'll gather on March 2nd and stay together until April 6th. Eight weeks in total. Why eight weeks? Spending eight weeks together allows us plenty of time to go deep, plenty of time to go over the material, and plenty of time to practice the skills. Have questions? There will be plenty of time to go over all of them as well, in detail. This is not school. There will be no sink or swim crazy-ness. No one will feel behind. This is a dream-lab. We've got you! 

HOW WE'LL MEET  We'll have our own Facebook group where there will be weekly Zoom sessions, assignments, inspiration, and all the support you can muster. The weekly live session will take place every Tuesday at 7pm UK time. If your schedule doesn't allow you to show up for the live calls, no worries, the replay will be posted in the group. What else? We'll also host Q and A sessions and throw in other surprises along the way. 

OUTLINE   We'll loosely follow the seven steps laid out in the THE BIG LEAP, and for the final week we'll celebrate the shifts we've made and the victories we've had. But, we'll also stray from the book and bring in sacred rituals, creativity, and surprises along the way. There will also be plenty of time for questions and answers, get personal feedback, and seek advice. We'll prioritise going deep over wide. Zero overwhelm. This is a stress-free zone. 

TOOLS  Every week you learn a new tool and have  plenty of time to implement what you're learning. These tools will make it super easy to spot your own special brand of inner critic, self sabotage, and fear, and you'll learn how to work around them. These tools will also dissolve the dreaded imposter syndrome, silence the people pleaser, and make you more decisive.  

LED BY  Tasha Dalrymple (Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and ThetaHealing Practitioner) and Inger Kenobi (Certified Life Coach and author).


That's the official, dry, bio. Combined we're also passionate about dissolving money blocks, hugging trees, road trips, connecting with forces bigger than us, rituals, spirituality, romance, and really, really, good coffee. We're mentioning this so you'll get used to the idea that you can be more than just one thing. You don't have to choose. Part of this work is learning how to play with your different selves. They all hold valuable information for you, all you have to do is listen. 

COST During this point in time we really don't want money to be an issue at all, so the total cost for the entire eight weeks is 108 pounds, or about 150 Canadian dollars. It will probably be the one and only time we run this workshop at such a low cost, so you don't want to sit this one out. 

THE BOOK  Reading THE BIG LEAP is totally optional and not at all a prerequisite for participating in the workshop. Up to you! 

WHAT ELSE? The first 10 people who sign up get to bring their BFF for free. OMG! Can you imagine going on this journey with your best friend? Maybe you haven't seen her in a while? Maybe she lives in a different part of the world? Now is the time to team up and connect on new levels. You're welcome! 



EMAIL ME AT to be notified when this program opens up again. 

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What happens next? After we've received your payment, we'll send you a welcome email with all the things to look forward to! There will also be a link to our very own Facebook group. 

But wait! Don't forget that the first ten people who sign up get to bring their BFF along for free. 

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Q & A


All genders are welcome! This is an inclusive space. However, there are predictable mistakes/obstacles/challenges that women face in their private and professional life, and we're passionate about breaking down those barriers. 

WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A CLEAR PLAN YET? I have this idea, this notion, but it's not a fully formed plan yet. I honestly don't know what I want. I certainly don't know where to start. This is all so scary (and exciting!). Should I join now—or should I wait until I feel more ready? 

Sign up now! This workshop will help you lay the foundation for what's next for you. You don't have to have all the answers before you start, but you do have to take the first step. Let us help you get started on the right foot. 

YOU SAY WE CAN GO AFTER ANYTHING WE WANT: How can you be so sure about that? 

We can’t promise you'll achieve everything you set out to do—because we're not in charge of your life. You are. Having said that, we can honest-to-goodness tell you that when you decide to go all in and you show up for yourself, and you do so for weeks and months on end, big things happen. Miracles, even. We've seen it time and time again. 

Do you have any other questions?  

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