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Dive In

The mini-business school for coaches and wayfinders who want to grow their coaching practice WITHOUT having to plan. (We're completely serious. . .)

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The days of thinking you can only succeed if you map out a 90-day business plan or 'becoming more professional' is finally over. 

If you love sticking to quarterly plans and know exactly what the next five years should look like, walk on by. 

This is not the business school for you. 


But. . . .If you know you're a fantastic coach, you provide insane value for your clients, but  traditional business strategies (like planning) makes you feel like you're slowly dying inside, come join us!


“I just want my coaching practice to feel more fun – more like ME. Why is this so hard?”

“Planning bores me to death, but what's the alternative? Winging it?  I feel like such a failure.”

“Coaching is my jam. I love it! But pre-scheduling emails? Organize every second of the day?  This is NOT what I signed up for."

If you suspects that working for yourself can feel a million times better than this, you are absolutely right. 

Introducing DIVE IN

It's possible to DROP the insane focus on planning AND grow your coaching business. 

You can stop trying to be something you're not. 

I (Inger) am multi-passionate and have the kind of brain that refuses to understand calendars and mapping everything out. 

And I (Tasha) love to go with the flow and do things at the spur of the moment. 

Sometimes we plan. Sometimes we don't. 

Here is what we do instead: 

We do things according to our values. 

We listen to our intuition.  . 

We take it one step at a time. 

We're comfortable with uncertainty.

We have boundaries. 

We love our work and the humans we're here to serve. 

What more do you need? 

Imagine this dream scenario

  • How free would you feel if you had the ability to plan, without being locked in by a plan? 

How cool would it be to design your workflow around the way your mind actually works, instead of shrinking into a cookie-cutter strategy with set rules and limitations? 

  • How interesting would your life become if you didn't pre-judge your business ideas as 'good' or 'bad' before diving in with them?

  • What miracles, connections, and changes would come your way if you stopped following 'advice' that frankly a) never really worked for you, b) bore you half to death? 

If you think this would be absolutely ground-breaking for your coaching practice and for your clients, you're 100% right.

We 🧡 not planning. 

When you cut through to the heart of what really lights you up, traditional planning strategies become obsolete. 

But you need some sort of structure, one that works for YOU. Think of structures as a party you're throwing for your intuition. And remember, the right kind of structure will charge you up, not bum you out.  


Are you ready to build a career that will make you feel like you're getting away with something? 


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This school is for coaches and wayfinders who want to do things their way.  

It's also perfect for people who:

- want to put their intuition in the driver's seat, not an Excel sheet. 

- don't give a flying fuck about online branding, the latest marketing trends, or sales funnels. 

- know that saving their best ideas for later is a bit like (to quote Warren Buffet), saving sex for old age.  

-  are multi-passionate beings who find the whole notion of 'work towards your goal' utterly absurd. Since when did goals become singular? 

-  are tired of feeling that the most interesting part of their day is creating social media posts on Canva. 

-  want to be the right amount of busy and maybe even a little bit irresistible.


We'll show you how to run your coaching practice with so much personality, excitement, and page-turning fun that you'll think you're dreaming.  

We'll encourage you--request, in fact- that you take what you learn, make it your own, and apply it straight to your coaching practice. This is a  learning-by-doing environment. Improvise. Take initiative. Play it by heart. 


We'll focus on trying new things without censoring ourselves. Whenever you feel all excited/nervous and think, 'I can't do that!' you're moving in the right direction. 


We promise that when you learn to treat your business like a creative studio, not a storage space filled with great ideas reserved for the future . . . . . . you'll create a coaching practice that will leave you speechless. 


What's the catch?


There is none.  

You'll also get permission to stop doing shit you hate. Burn it all to the ground! Now your truest self can rise from the ashes and blow us all away.  

So how do we take all this and make it real? That's what's coming up next. But first, let us introduce ourselves. 

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Who are Tasha and Inger?

Tasha is a breath of fresh air in the coaching community. She just deleted her website, has an unorthodox approach to 'getting' clients and knows there's no magic pill for success. YOU are the magic pill. Her clients feel safe, seen, and energized. When she's not busy tending to her labyrinth or making her own wine, she also works as a Reiki Master (and teacher), and ThetaHealing Practitioner. With Tasha by our side, there is never a dull moment in sight. 

After Inger dropped out of college, she realized two things. A) No matter how many plans I make, I can't predict how they will pan out. B) When I act on irrational ideas, things have a way of working out, for the better. Interesting. . . Inger spent over a decade living at a Tibetan Buddhist center in California, she's worked at the Norwegian Embassy in London, and now she lives in the Cotswolds where she is working on her second book. She's this rare breed of hyper-organized and insanely intuitive. The best of both worlds. 

OK! Moving on to what will happen once you've enrolled. Keep reading. 

All the juicy details!

We'll meet from November 21st to December 14th. 

In the first week, we'll hit the ground running with three sessions. They will take place Monday 21st- Wednesday 23rd,  at 630 pm UK time. (I30 pm EST time). 

Then, after that sprint we'll slow it down and meet weekly for the next three weeks on Wednesdays at 630 pm, UK time/130pm EST time.

Six sessions in total. 

Four weeks all together. 

All six sessions last 60-90 minutes. 

In between each session, we'll stay connected via our Facebook group.

There will also be surprises and jolts of inspiration along the way!

What will happen in each session, exactly? 

Let us tell you about it. 


November 21st | Session One: Diving In. Here, we'll dive in with our most spine-tingling idea and ask, 'How can I get going with this within the next ten minutes? What's the first step?'

November 22nd | Session Two: Treasure Hunting. Here we'll explore all the possibilities and options that are hiding in plain sight. How? By leaving insane expectations, white-knuckling it, and boring busywork behind.  

November 23rd | Session Three: Staying True to You. Now that we're getting a lay of the land, it's time to take stock and ask: what do I need to move forward? Don't hold back, be bold and honest! Is it learning to say NO without feeling shame and guilt? Is it more time? Do you need to delegate, ask for help, or team up with someone? Do you need to learn a new skill, or simply set up a more inspiring work environment? There are no right or wrong answers, only what feels true to you. 


November 30th | Session Four: Leading with your valuesHere we'll get clear on our values and integrate them into our day-to-day workflow. If your values are connection, freedom, and joy, you probably don't want to sit in front of a computer screen all day. What else could you do? Let's find out!  Getting clear on your values will make things like decision-making, prioritizing, and managing your time a no-brainer. 


December 7th | Session Five: Adding value. You're not a brand. You're not selling a mass-produced product to a lifeless demographic. This means you don't have to worry about 'finding a market,' or 'getting clients',  but instead ask the question: What is this project/offer the solution for? Once you get super specific about that, your best-fit clients will think, 'It's like you're inside my head.' Adding value is also a really fun way to grow your business because you're actually doing something! You're engaging. You're making connections. Things are happening. 


December 14th | Session six: We have arrived! A toast to you and your willingness to dive in and turn ideas into a crazy awesome business venture! In this final session- dun-dun-dun- we will all take turns presenting what we've taken action on and share our wins and challenges. We'll cheer each other on and celebrate our awesomeness.

This school is for people who want to actively avoid living a predictable life ruled by soul-numbing planning tools and to-do lists. Like Rumi, they want to, 'Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.'


Sounds super fun and cool? 

Ready to join? 

Yes! I am SO ready for this!​
Our first Zoom call will take place on Monday, November 21st, and the last one on December 14th.
Six calls in total.  
If you can't be there live for all the sessions, no worries.
We'll post the recordings in our Facebook Group.
But the power of this program is linked to neither Zoom nor Facebook.

It's about listening to the voice that says, 'It's time to do the work I came here to do.'

It doesn’t matter if you're a new or seasoned coach. If you no longer want to choose between diving in with your most interesting ideas and having a thriving business…

. . . register below.  


Solidarity, fun, and finding your groove, all rolled into one. 

All this awesomeness for: 

888 British Pounds

(Approx. 997 US dollars)

But wait! What if I want private coaching during this program? 

Glad you asked!

For 300 more you get one session with Tasha and one with Inger. Just click on the button below. 

1188 British Pounds

(Approx. 1297 US dollars)

This program is non-refundable, so please invest with intention and enthusiasm.

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questions and comments from previous participants:

- I actually have lots of ideas and big goals, but I am grappling with how to bring it all together. 

That's what we're here for!

- Am I correct in believing I will learn to set up a business that is authentically me?


-Will this school help me build my confidence in how to communicate myself and my coaching business to the world? 

Absolutely. That' is actually one of our passion topics. 

I’d love to be a part of a smaller coaching  community for support and ideas and to learn from two experienced Wayfinder coaches. How big will this group be? 

We cap it at ten people. Small is better! 

-I want to start setting up my website and the business structure, but every time I sit down to work, I hit a resistance wall. Would this program help me find more ease around this?

For sure. Alone, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. We also tend to overthink and overcomplicate the process. Not on our watch! 

I really love your energy and your left-field thinking about business development. It's wonderfully refreshing.

Thank you! We're glad it resonates with you! 

Q & A


Not necessarily. If you're a healer, photographer, run a yoga studio, or an artist and this speaks to you, please join us! This is an inclusive space. However, if you are new to the world of coaching, we recommend you read The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck. That way we'll have a common language and starting point. 


Should I join now—or should I wait until I feel more ready? 

Great question! Not all ideas come running through the door screaming and shouting. Sometimes they whisper. Sometimes they don't make sense. Sometimes they feel out of character. If you want to be in an environment where we get quiet enough to let the best ideas rise to the surface, join us. If it feels too risky and you would rather map everything out in advance, this won't be for you.  


We know you have full lives, so there will be no slew of videos to watch or workbooks to fill out. Strapped for time and feeling behind? Not on our watch.


But to answer your question, we will meet 60-90 minutes per session, and all the tools and methods we explore during our calls are designed for integration, integration, integration. Take what you learn and apply it right away. So it's not a question of getting more things done in the same amount of time, but getting the RIGHT things done, hopefully in less time. Even better, since you'll stop doing shit you hate, you'll free up so much time and energy that you'll think you're getting away with something. 


OMG! Absolutely. Want to pay in two instalments? Email me, and we'll set it up. 


Yes! Thank you for asking. We're offering 3 spots at 666 pounds, 25% off the original price. To apply, write to the email below and tell us in three to five sentences why you are interested in this program and why you deserve one of the spots.  

Do you have any other questions?  

Email us at

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