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Ahh, success! 
You got the promotion, the part, the gig. You're excited and on fire. It's smooth sailing from here on out. Dreams do come true! 
Not so fast! 
“I can't do this! I'm a freud.”
- Kate Windslett 

In reality: 

For talented, hardworking, and smart people success often feels more like . . .  
  • a fluke that can be explained away by luck
  • being unable to claim your accomplishments 
  • it will become your undoing 
  • you're about to be found out 
  • you bluffed your way in 
  • self-doubt 
  • you don't deserve a seat at the table
  • you've overstepped a boundary
  • guilt 
I've been there. I feel your pain.
And I have a radical idea for you.

What if all your 'Why me?' and 'Who am I to. . .?' could turn into bold and empowering statements of, 'Why not me?' and 'Of course I'm the right person for this!'

You can learn to think those thoughts. Actually, you can learn to think anything you want! Thoughts are just something that lives in your mind, and you can change your mind anytime you want. 


Instead of undermining your achievements, you could start owning and even celebrating them. (Whaaat?!)


Then the voice in your head would sound something like. . . 

  • ​I'm ready for this, and so much more! 

  • This is only the beginning. 

  • If (when!) I fail, I'll keep going. 

  • I can handle everything life throws at me. 

  • The fact that I'm here means I'm ready for this.

  • What I don't know I can learn along the way. 

  • I love taking risks. It's how I grow and learn. 

  • I wonder what else is possible for me? 

  • I'm going after my dreams! 

  • I have nothing to prove. 

  • I work had and I show up. It's my time to shine. 

  • I'm worthy of every opportunity that comes my way. 

i can help you make that shift. 


By re-training your mind. 
Because there IS a reason you're feeling this way. But when you understand what thoughts and believes have contributed to your imposter syndrome, you can learn to let them go.  

SIDEBAR: You might find it helpful to know that the imposter syndrome is often stronger for people who: 

Represent a minority group

Have outranked people's expectations 

Come from money, fame, or connections 

Have high expectations to live up to 

Achieve success early in life

Work in creative industries

Crush stereotypes 

And even thought feeling like an imposter is more common than you'd think, imposters always feel isolated and alone. 

But your don't have to stay there. You have a choice. You can let the imposter syndrome hold you back or you can do something about it. 

You can cultivate a new mindset. 

why not me? 

Cultivating a mindset that says YES! to your dreams and desires is easy, but it takes mental discipline and practice. 


the practicalities
  • Every week for eight weeks I'll lead a coaching session where we'll cover a wide range of imposter-syndrome related topics like gender stereo types, family believes, and learning how to be comfortable with success. The goal? Get a clear picture of the patterns and cycles keeping you stuck, frustrated, and spinning. 
  • Next, I'll teach you practical and applicable coaching tools that help you change your thoughts and your actions on purpose. This way you can create the mindset, feelings, and the results that you crave. 
  • We'll also look at your achievement history and so you can boldly put yourself out there and claim what's yours. 
  • Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? We'll look at that, too. 
  • At the end of each class you'll receive homework (challenge) specific to your situation. This will help you deepen and truly apply what you're learning to real-life situations. And don't worry! My idea of homework is 50% fun, 50% interesting, and 100% designed for real life. 
  • As the weeks go by, I'll also help you discover your blind spots or what you’ve missed so far. That way you'll get as much as humanly possible out of this program. 
  • You'll also receive additional resources that will make your journey more exciting and relatable. 
  • Bottom line: if you're ready to feel confident and excited about your life and work, this program is for you. ​

More specifically, I'll teach you : 

  • How to feel competent, worthy, and deserving.  

  • Live everyday with intention. 

  • Bypass negative self-talk.

  • Stop sabotaging yourself.

  • Discover how strong you truly are. 

  • Dare to try something new. 

  • How to expand your horizon.

  • How to set happy and healthy boundaries.

  • How to stop undermining your achievements.
  • Stop playing small.
And of course. . .  I'll show you how to go from thinking, 'Shit, I feel like such a freud!' to feeling like you genuinely deserve your success. 
 Because you do! 

Feeling ready to claim your power and step up like you mean it?  

Here are a few more details to consider: 

what happens if you don't overcome your imposter syndrome? 

  • You talk yourself out of your dreams and desires
  • You feel like you don't belong
  • You make less money
  • You don't reach for the things you value 
  • You don't fulfil your potential 
  • You don't thrive on challenges
  • You wait for others to confirm your specialness 
  • You listen to your excuses
  • You think outer success passes for self-esteem 
  • You stay in situations that aren't working for you

In short, you miss out on your authentic self and stop growing.  

And that's why:

It's time to upgrade your mindset. 


Not only is ELEVATE YOUR CONFIDENCE exactly what you need, but it's the coaching program you never knew existed and  suddenly can't live without.

Here you'll see that even though the imposter syndrome can cause pain and doubt, it doesn't define you. It's a problem to be fixed, faced, dealt with, and learned from. 

Signing up will give you the structure, accountability, and consistency you need.

Are you ready to break through to new levels of confidence, self-love, and ownership? (Qualities you always thought were possible for other people…more together people. . .just not you?)


I think we both know the answer to that question!  

The most amazing part? This program is only £1500 (but only £650 fo my sangha sisters).

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