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Working on your website? Here is the ridiculously useful copywriting course that will help you knock it out of the park. 

Good news!

Since this is a self-study situation, you can purchase FIRED UP anytime, work through the material in a non-stressful way, and kick back and congratulate yourself for becoming the best copywriter in town! 

Want a teaser? Here you go! This is the WELCOME video. 


No more writing copy that makes you sound like everyone else out there. 

No more feeling like a deer in the headlight every time you sit down to work on your copy. 

And. . . 

. . no more thinking that it will take AT LEAST six months to write good copy and get your website up and running.

That madness ends right here and now. 

Introducing. . . 

Fired Up 

An insanely helpful and systematic approach to copywriting that will: 

- help you write copy that sounds like you, even if you think, 'I'm not good at this writing stuff.' 


connect with your dream clients and customers, even if you're confused about your niche. 

-get super specific about your work, even if you're multi-passionate and are afraid of boxing yourself in.  



If you've been hyper-focused on things like brand colors and creating a logo, or you're confused and sad because people just don’t seem to 'get' what you're offering, or you have spent a lot of time tinkering with your copy without making any progress, it's not your fault. There is just so much misleading advice floating out there, and most of it makes me want to tear my hair out.  

The good news is. . . . 

. . . regardless of what you've done in the past, you no longer need to: 

-try to create that super-glossy website that connects with about zero clients. 

-put everything on hold until you have better photos

-be the person who doesn't know what to write

-spend an entire day on Canva looking for the perfect font

-have it all figured out before you start

-edit your pages to death


Instead, I'll help you:

take all the guesswork and drama out of the copywriting process. Once you understand that the best copy already exists inside your own head, your copy will start to write itself. You just have to sound like YOU. Easier said than done, which is why I have created this workshop. 

This course is a dream come true for coaches, artists, healers, and small business owners who: 

  • can't get over the hurdle of sounding like everyone else (bleh)

  • already have a business, but their offers aren't exactly selling

  • want more clarity about what their 'thing' is

  • feel like their website is a necessary evil

  • want more people to see the value of what they are offering

  • have original ideas, but catch themselves thinking, 'I can't say that!' 

  • look forward to experimenting with bite-size, actionable tools and tricks. 

If that's you, you're going to love it here! 

(Turn sound on ) 

It’s going to be FUN.

It’s going to be a bit challenging.

Your inner critic won’t like it one bit.

Buuuuuut . . . you’ll walk away thinking, ‘Finally something I can use!’

Specifically, you will:

⚡️get crystal clear on what your offer is

⚡️discover fun tweaks that will make your pages POP

⚡️write copy that leaves people feeling seen and hopeful

⚡️get instant access to super helpful videos and tools that will make it easy peasy to integrate what you’ll learn right away

As a result, you'll finally know how to: 

-go from trying to 'get' clients to inviting them in with kindness and clarity

-Repel the wrong kinds of clients

-Become more visible in a way that feels like YOU 

This transformation can feel completely unreal, but that's just what happens when you find the right words to express what you do. 

Image by Brooke Lark

What?? How?? | All the practicalities

Once you pay, you'll get instant access to 13 videos that will help you:

- avoid the four common mistakes even the most seasoned copywriters make. 

- learn the four tools that will make your clients go, 'It's like you're inside my head!' 

- develop creative ideas for the ABOUT ME page.

- design an effective and inviting SALES page.

Plus, I'll throw in a  short bonus video on how to take everything you've just learned and use it in your marketing, your social media posts, and your newsletter. 

The bottom line is, when you nail the principles laid out in this workshop the ripple effects will make you go, 'I wish I'd known this sooner!' 

All this awesomeness for only 150 pounds. (Approx 190 dollars) 

(PS: if you're in SHINE, you get this for free. Email me for the promo code) 

So put on your favorite perfume, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or pop some champagne), and let's get ready for a course packed with humor, encouragement, and ridiculously useful copywriting magic.

Happy Copywriting Clients. 

Want your website to speak directly to the humans you long to serve? Inger is a PRO and will take you through a process so you learn how to write just to THEM! 

-Sarah Bamford Seidelmann /USA

-OMG! I've already used some of the things I've learned. What a difference. You also present the material in a really fun way. Thank you. 

J. C. /USA

I experienced so many aha moments. I also loved your passion. I found myself being activated into a creative zone by love.


-C. B. /USA

Q and A

I'm not sure if I need a website. I mean, I'm on social media and all. 
Unlike social media platforms, your website is like your private piece of land. No one else can build on it, mess with the algorithm, or close it down overnight. This is why I'm so passionate about helping entrepreneurs get better at writing copy so that creating a website--even if it's just a landing page--becomes a no-brainer. 
You say I'll become the best copywriter in town. Do you really mean that? 
Yes. I firmly believe that if you take these tools to heart and practice them, you will become an amazing copywriter. It's the very same tools I used to lift my website out of obscurity and into something that people a)love to visit and b)make them want to work with me (because they actually understand what I can help them with). 

However, I also want to throw in an ethical disclaimer. This is not a quick-fix situation. It takes time to implement new skills. If you saw my first website, you'd laugh your head off. My second try wasn't much better. But once I learned certain principles, copywriting became something I enjoyed doing and looked forward to. I get to write another sales page! Yay! 

It's like learning to play an instrument. The more you practice, the better you'll get.
Will this course help me actually build a website? 
Good question. No. This course will only help you with the copywriting part of the website. 
Where are the videos hosted? Do I need to log in to a different platform? 
Nope! Once' you've paid, you'll get redirected to a webpage where all the videos are lined up and waiting for you. You'll also receive an email with a link to this page, just so you'll always have it handy. 
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