Website Copywriting Class

An intimate workshop for coaches and entrepreneurs who want their work (and personality) to come alive on the page.


You interested? Keep reading! 

Copywriting class for coaches and entrepreneurs | June 29th, 2- 4 pm Central Time | Led by Inger Kenobi | Cost $88


Get ready for a class packed with humour, encouragement, and an approach to copywriting that will make you go, 'Finally something I can use!' 


When we don't find the right words, or when we're afraid of not sounding professional enough, or we overthink everything to death, we run the risk of turning into someone who:

  • can't get over the hurdle of sounding like everyone else (bleh)

  • write a lot about our methods and training, without getting to the point of what you're actually selling

  • feel like your website is a necessary evil

  • spend an insane amount of time guessing what the clients want to hear, instead of focusing on what we want to say

  • avoid the website nightmare all together

  • hide all your real interests, hoping people can guess how cool and fun you really are. 

If you're thinking, 'That is totally me!' I would love to invite you to this copywriting class. 

No more tearing your hair out. 

Not more spending an insane amount of time and energy on a website that doesn't feel like YOU. 

No more second-guessing your work and what you have to offer. 


In this online class, I’ll share what to include on your home page, how to make your offers unique and compelling, and how to make it easy for your clients to work with you.  


Better yet, I’ll also share what NOT to do and all the mistakes I’ve done so you don’t have to.   


It’s time to channel your inner Norah Ephron (or whomever your favourite writer is), transform your website from bland to one-of-a-kind, and have a blast along the way. 


I’ll also include tips around headlines, photos, and other goodies.

By the end of this class you'll be able to: 

  • make your personality come alive on the page, even if you think, 'I'm not good at this writing stuff.' 

  • create pages for new programs and offers

  • get SUPER specific about what you're offering 

  • make your ABOUT ME page sparkle and shine


-I really liked your workshop because it gave real hands-on help. We were actually learning and getting better at a skill in real time rather than processing our feelings about it or just hearing a lecture on it never to really have the ability to implement in our real lives....xoxo. 

-That was so fun!!! I don’t know why but I felt like I was giggling the entire two hours. Also I am so lucky you looked at my website. Thank you. 

-That was awesome! 

-I experienced so many aha moments. I also loved your passion. I found myself being activated into a creative zone by love. 

Who is Inger?

Hello! I'm Inger Kenobi. Nice to meet you!

I'm passionate about helping people melt away their final barriers so they can create a business, a book, a website, or anything else they desire from a place of joy, magic, and passion. (Humour is important, too. There is no need to take everything so seriously.) 

I have published one book and have two others in the works. I'm also a practicing Buddhist and have a knack for creating page-turning strategies and structures. 

Yes, I am so ready for this!
We'll gather on June 29th (via Zoom) from 2pm-4pm Central time. 
I will send you the Zoom link the week before! 
If you can't be there live, no worries. I'll email you the recording. 

Also, it doesn’t matter if you already have a website or not even started.

Either way, you'll get something out of this workshop. 

Come! I can't wait to meet you!

And hurry, I'm only accepting 6 people for this class. 

Register below. 

Fired Up!
Put on your favourite perfume, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or pop some champagne), and let's get this party started!

Creative tools and ideas that will help you scoop up the magical energy that

will make your words come alive on the page. There will also be plenty of time for conversations, writing exercises, and feedback. 

88 dollars. 

(This is non-refundable, so please invest with clarity and intention.)