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Confetti Toss! This copywriting workshop is now all yours! 
So grab your favorite beverage, turn off the phone, and join the party!

Welcome and introduction

What you will learn and why I think getting really good at copywriting is a win-win-win situation. 

Part 1- The Four Mistakes

In the next four videos I'll go through the four most common copywriting mistakes so that you can avoid them forever and ever!
Mistake number one is to write super vague copy.  And remember, when you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. 

(this video is 7:44 min.) 
Mistake number two is to write copy with zero personality. When you water yourself down, you end up sounding like everyone else. 

(this video is 6:30 min.) 
Mistake number three is writing copy where you mostly focus on your training and methods. There is also a lot of explaining and justification. Boring and bland. 

(this video is 10:59 min.) 
Mistake number four is to talk in labels, not in symptoms. Such a common mistake, but now you can steer clear of it! 

(this video is 7:13 min.) 

. . . before we move on, let's look at who you are writing your copy for. 

(this video is 9:31 min.) 

Part 2- The Four Solutions

Now that you know what not to do, we'll go through the four things that make your copy sparkle and shine. Now you can sound like you and connect with the people you are here to serve. 
Solution number one is to get super, duper specific. Bye, bye vagueness. Hello, getting across what you mean!

(this video is 17:58 min.) 
Solution number two is to write copy that is filled with your personality, your slang, your metaphors, and the essence of YOU. 

(this video is 14:38 min.) 
Solution number three is to write copy that focuses on your client's transformations and results.

(this video is 11:36 min.) 
Solution number four is to focus on your client's specific symptoms, not general labels. Now they feel seen and understood. 

(this video is 9:22 min.) 

Yay! Bonus Material! 

Here you'll find three bonus videos that will help your copy POP even more! 
A lot of people struggle with the ABOUT ME page. What to write? What to include? As always, it's up to you. Watch and get inspired.

(this video is 6 min.) 
Here I'll give you a quick rundown of what to include on a SALES page. 

(this video is 15:35 min.) 
What else can you use this for? A lot of different things! Copywriting is the gift that keeps on giving. 

(this video is 5:37 min.) 


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