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Here you'll find the recipe for the mouth-watering Chocolate Coca-Cola cake, how to make the best brownies, and read about the time my uncle made me a dog that could poop chocolate pudding. 

If you're half as obsessed with chocolate as I am, you'll enjoy this book for sure!


I developed these shopping guidelines during my shop-stop year, and they are designed to help us blaze through this consumer culture of ours with sass and pizazz. These guidelines will also help Mother Earth, as not buying clothes we sort of, maybe, kind of like is one of the fastest ways of becoming a conscious and creative consumer. 

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Dealing with our stuff is hard! 

. . . Or is it? 

If you're turned off by the idea of becoming a minimalist or you don't think that everything you own has to spark joy, this decluttering guide is for you! 



Your office should feel like a charging station, not a place that drains you or stresses you out. 

There are countless ways to make every aspect of your work-life as joyful and meaningful as humanly possible, and that's what this e-book is all about.



Want to work with me? 

Hello, I'm Inger Kenobi. After working as a coach and creative strategist for six years, this is what I've learned. 

FIRST: When you ignore your intuition and desires, everything becomes insanely hard and stressful. 

SECOND: If you don't have a strategy in place for acting on your intuitive hits and desires, it's like having a Rolls-Royce in the driveway with flat tires and an empty gas tank. 

ALSO: I noticed that most of my clients have fallen prey to the 'result happiness' mode. Working all the time and feeling slacker-ish if they have any kind of fun along the way.  

You can be head-over-heels in love with your workday and produce amazing results. In fact, it's the only approach I know that doesn't lead to burnout, stress, stagnation, and resentment. 

With my background as a world-class event planner, executive assistant, production assistant, and retreat organizer, I can spot a leaky strategy a mile away. I also have a gift for discovering what will create the best workflow, both for myself and my clients. 
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Inger completely turned my head around on how I relate to money and my self-worth, something no one has been able to do before now! It was like a miracle! She is warm, hysterically funny, engaging, relentless, passionate about what she does, and a joy to work with.


-Candace Palmo, USA

In a word, Inger is amazing. Her clear, no-nonsense coaching has helped me on many occasions to gain clarity where it has eluded me, simplicity when I thought things were complicated, and joy in the process. Inger's ability to listen and ask insightful questions has helped me find my own answers -- simply and cleanly. She is a gem!

-Julie Levin / USA

The one who gets everything done for me. 

-Queen Sonja of Norway 

Inger is an amazing wayfinder. After just one session, Inger managed to put an end to three years of fluffing about and shined a spotlight on the narrow track through the trees. 

-R. C. / Australia 

My intuition told me to hire Inger, and it was right. I've never felt better about myself. I speak up. I make more money. I take bigger risks, but I'm less scared. This is my life now. Amazing!

-Elizabeth / Canada

Inger is a gem of a coach. She makes you feel safe, understood, and capable, and her approach is both natural and effective. Each time I finish a coaching session with Inger, I feel rejuvenated and clear. Her ability to swiftly affect change is truly amazing, simply because there’s so much fun involved! For those of you lucky enough to be on Inger’s client roster, all I can say is congratulations!


-Katrina Lempenski / New York, USA

Working with Inger has been life-changing. She has a unique ability to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. And when I was ready to give up on my dreams and sell myself short, she encouraged me to stay true to my vision. Two weeks later I landed my dream job. I can't wait to see what happens next. 

-Susan / London, UK

It feels to me like I’ve opened the door on a very musty closet and let the sunshine pour in.