3-hour online retreat for writers | November 18th | 21 dollars
Ever wish you could just turn off the phone, close the door, and spend hours in bed writing?

Writers, we hear you! 

Get ready for three hours packed with writing, encouragement, and being able to say:  'I'm finally doing this!' 


When we feel scattered around our writing, insecure, and tell ourselves, 'now is not the right time', we run the risk of turning into someone who:

  • does a bunch of boring chores instead of working on our writing

  • waste a lot of time planning to write, but does very little actual writing.  

  • becomes resentful of other writers.

  • starts to think that since we didn't know we wanted to be an author since age three, we missed our window so why even bother?

If you're thinking: 'That is totally me!' we would love to invite you to this mini writing retreat.

On November 18th, from 10 am -1 pm Central Time, 
we'll be writing together, from bed. 

One writing session is all it takes to break the dry spell. 

One session will get you started.

One session will make you feel soooooo much better about yourself.


One session can transform your self-talk from 'does this have any value?' to 'this has value for ME, and that's all that matters!' 


For three glorious hours we'll be all over our writing projects. It doesn't matter if you're brand new and a tinsy-bit curious about this whole writing thing, or if you already have a project you're working on. Either way you'll get something out of this retreat. 

New and seasoned writers welcome! 

from bed.jpg

1. To get us started on the right foot, we'll begin the retreat with a few journaling exercises that will help you gain clarity about your writing project. 

2. Next, let the writing begin! We'll mute ourselves, but keep the Zoom link open. If you want to turn off your video feed as well, go ahead. 

3. Midway through we'll do a quick check-in and get up and move. Time to shake it all off and start again. 

4. We'll end the retreat by setting an intention for our projects moving ahead. What will that look like? Up to you! 

Oh! And before we even start, Sarah will send you an email with your retreat Beastie. Don't know what that is? Then you're in for a treat! 

By the end of this mini-retreat, you might: 

Be less scared of the blank page 

Begin to craft an exciting writing routine

Be ready to call yourself a writer

Who are Sarah and Inger? 

Inge and Sarah are both life coaches and authors who are passionate about helping people melt away their final barriers so they can create a business, a book, or anything else they desire from a place of joy, magic, and passion. (Humour is important, too. There is no need to take everything so seriously.) 

Sarah is the author of five books, and the latest one is titled, 'Where the Deer Dream.' She is also a Woman of Medicine and Shamanic Mentor. 

Inger has published one book and has two others in the works. She is also a practicing Buddhist and has a knack for creating page-turning strategies and structures. 

Oh, and both of them share a love of unleashing their creativity without rules in their wardrobes + homes. 

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All the Practicalities

When: November 18th, 10 am to 1 pm Central Time. 

Where: We'll meet via Zoom. This means you can participate from anywhere in the world!

It will be an international gathering, for sure!

Cost: 21 US dollars. 

What to bring: Your writing project; a book, a blog, a lullaby, a poem, and anyting else you want to work on. Also, something to drink and pen and paper. 

Dress codecosy and comfortable. 

Your next move? Register below! 

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This program is non-refundable, so please invest with intention and enthusiasm.