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It's time to stop feeling so scattered and entertain ideas that never lead to anything.


With this worksheet you'll learn how to release doubt, feel better fast, and create results you can see, feel and measure. 


We live in a time with amazing possibilities and opportunities. This is also the cause of one of our greatest challenges: what to focus on? What will make me happy? How to choose just one thing when so many things that looks fun and tempting? 

I'm Inger, and I've always been a multi-passionate person. I loved trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but it wasn't until someone told me, 'You can do everything, not just everything at once,' that I gave myself the gift of focusing on what I really want.

Now I set crazy goals, feel free and focused, and get to be creative and flexible in the process. That's what I want for you as well. In this worksheet you'll learn: 

How to own your goal and feel energised

Why you're uniquely qualified to pursue this goal

How to amp up your journey with action steps that are designed for and by YOU

Word On the Street

'The one who gets everything done for me.' -the Queen of Norway talking about Inger

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