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Go For It


no clutter | no chaos| no overwhelm

My decluttering sessions are designed to give you concrete, effective, and empowering tools for:

  • creating a home that supports and reflects your greatest self

  • stop saving your best stuff for 'later'

  • worrying less about what people think

  • feeling clear about what to keep and what to give up

  • making confident decisions

  • finding new solutions to old problems

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Go For It 
You have a big life to live. You're ready to master the art of decluttering and move on. 
Bespoke sessions are available from
October 22 to November 14.
Grab your spot today. 

i've got two options for you.


Which one has your name on it? 

1. Kick-Starter Session: Perfect for those of you who are self-motivated and inspired, but you'd like someone to kick-start the process with. Let's do this! We'll meet for one double session (120 minutes) and set you up for success, momentum, aaaaand a home that's ready to sail into 2020 with pride and joy.   
2. Go Big or Go Home  Perfect for those of you who are new to decluttering and/or feel that a more personalized experience would be crucial for making predictable progress. You will cultivate your natural skills and strengths and drop what's not working. I will demystify the process and make it fun and rewarding. We'll schedule four sessions (60 minutes each) and hit the ground running. 

your home.

my happy and helpful coaching tools.

life-changing results. 

No previous coaching experience required. Everyone is welcome. Limited space available. 

“What I know for sure is that when you declutter – whether it’s on your home, your head, or your heart – it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family.”
― Peter Walsh

People who sign up for decluttering are those who:

- Spend a lot of time looking for their car keys, the phone, matching socks (their mind...). They can't catch a break and the whole thing is just too depressing. Now they are sooooo ready to drop the Dobby the House-Elf routine and look forward to feeling like the Queen of the Castle. 

- Detest cleaning and feel there is more to life than a spotless kitchen. They crave a decluttering strategy that won't bore them to death. I can work with that! 

- Have the challenging task of clearing out the house of a deceased friend or relative. Given how emotional this is, they're looking for an approach that feels respectful and kind. I get that. 


- Are ready to take their life in a new direction, but there is literally too much stuff in the way. They have no idea how or where to start. (I do!)

- Are moving and don't want to arrive at their new home with a load of outdated crap. But how to choose what to bring? They want to be smart about this. Guidance, please! 

- Run a busy home and have a demanding job. However, they're no longer willing to put off hobbies, dinner parties, reading (remember books?), and all the other things they enjoy until after 'the house is in order'. Having a more fulfilling home-life feels like a great idea. They are ready to make it happen. #changeisintheair

- Have a big life to live. They're ready to master the art of decluttering and move on. 

please note that face-to-face sessions are Only available for those who live near me in the Cotswolds,uk. 

Online sessions are available world-wide

And just for fun. . . Here is a nod to all you Gilmore Girls fans out there! This is a perfect example of how stuff can trigger freak-outs!