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Welcome to Seven Keys to Multi-Passionate Mastery!

Get ready for this virtual goodie bag filled with inspiration, eye-opening exercises  aaaaaand. . . . . 

. . . . . hand-picked and precise tools that will help you juggle your many interests with a lot more ease and a lot less drama. 


But wait! One more thing. . .

You can binge-watch these videos and listen to the recording all in one go, or you can spread them out over seven days. Up to you! But I want you to bookmark this page so you can come back to these keys whenever you need a jolt of inspiration or a reminder. I don't know about you, but I need to hear things several times before they truly sink in. 

So without further ado, settle in, get a pen and paper, make yourself a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and let the multi-passionate magic begin! 
1. 50 shades of interests

Your first gift in this goodie bag is to set a timer for 10 minutes. Next, write down everything you're interested in. We do not judge our interests and we do not judge ourselves for having these interests. We are allowed to write the same thing several times. 

What do you do with all this information? That is what the audio track is for. 
50 shades of interestInger Kenobi
00:00 / 09:50

2. Map out your landing pads.

Your second key to multi-passionate mastery is to give your interests a landing pad. What is a landing pad? What is the function of this landing pad?  It's an attractive little tool that will prevent you from blaming yourself for having so many interests, and many other enjoyable side-effects. 

Watch and smile. 

3. What not Why

There are people in this world that are obsessed with the phrase, 'Know your Why/'. We are not those people. As multi-passionate people, we are busy enough with keeping track of WHAT we want to worry about WHY we want it. 
If you are sick and tired of all the WHY palava, this recording will make you feel like you've won something.  
3. What not WhyInger Kenobi
00:00 / 09:48

4. Emotional Risks

Your fourth gift, should you choose to accept it, is mastering taking emotional risks.  Why is this important? Because there is a severe shortage of blueprints for what we're up to. We are unique. Normal plans and strategies don't work for us. So if you want to do your thing without worrying about looking foolish, what it will lead to, or if it will be a waste of time, this video is your best bet. 

(Correction: the motto here is The Weirder the Better, not Progress over Perfectionism.) 


5. Easy does it

The fifth key is letting things be easy, which can feel like an emotional risk in and of itself. As multi-passionate people though, we don't have the time nor the luxury of being held back by perfectionism and medieval notions like, 'the harder you work, the better the result.' Really? Tell that to Bob Dylan who could write beautiful songs in 15 minutes or less. 
I want you to ask for more, but I don't want you to DO more. You do enough already. 
5. Easy Does ItInger Kenobi
00:00 / 10:26

6. Manage your energy, not your time

Multi-passionate people manage their energy very well. We are unquestionably the masters of pulling energy and inspiration out of thin air. This makes us capable of doing many different things in a surprisingly short amount of time. I don't know where this energy comes from or who provides it, but it doesn't matter. Talking about it makes you sound a bit looney, but you need only to tap into this energy a couple of times yourself to enjoy the benefits. 

7. Keeping a YES journal 

The seventh and last key to multi-passionate mastery is keeping a YES journal. This is incredibly rewarding. Incredibly magical. Incredibly personal. You can sip a little mint tea and watch with amusement as you fill up page after page with everything you want to say YES to. What do you do with all of these YESSES? Listen to the recording and find out. 
7. Keep a YES journalArtist Name
00:00 / 11:27
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