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A free class on how to stop spinning your wheels and
get your projects off the ground.

Led by Ashley Beck and Inger Kenobi | 90-min| Friday March 3rd, noon CT
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(the mini-workshop)

The free class that will take you from "why is this so hard?"  to “Finally something that works!"

Getting unstuck has never been easier.  (keep reading)

 💖 You will love it here

Do you fantasize about all the amazing projects you want to sink your teeth into, but never get around to actually working on them?

If so, that part of your life is now officially over. 


Get ready for 90- minutes packed with shenanigan, inspiration, and eye-opening tools that will make your projects POP.  

This workshop is absolutely heaven for people who: 

  • Have tried all the productivity hacks under the sun

  • Spend a lot of time planning (erhm, daydreaming) and zero time doing

  • Can't get passed the wall of resistance. 

  • Have listened to a downloadable lecture on 'know your why'.

  • Don't want 2023 to go by without being an inch closer to their dreams and goals

Why Lift Off is simply the best: 

After attending this workshop, you'll walk away with super easy tweaks that will sky-rocket your progress. 

🌈 You’ll learn why an insanely popular ‘how-to’ advice will keep your project stuck in the mud forever, and why doing a one-eighty will get you going in ten minutes or less. (You think we’re making this up? We’re not!)    

🌈 You’ll learn the question that separates the ‘now is not a good time’ people from the folks who actually get stuff done.

🌈 You’ll learn the thirty-second tool that is 100x more effective than all the willpower, motivation, and productivity hacks in the world combined.    

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Is this you? 

If you nod in agreement to only 80% of this, LIFT OFF is for you. 

📣 You want to start now, not wait.  

📣 You want to be able to pull inspiration and creative energy out of thin air. 

📣 You want the tools that is neither 'throwing spaghetti on the wall' nor a ridged 90-day plan. Flexibility and progress, please. 

📣 You want the whole experience to feel more noooormal and enjoyable.

📣 You want to save yourself months—maybe even years—of wheel-spinning. 

Who are Inger and Ashley?

Ashley and Inger are two life-coaching gals on a mission to make your most meaningful projects the easiest and most exciting ones to work on. 

Ashley is a multi-passionate, adventurous life coach + teacher bringing her background in theatre, education, counselling, international travel, and world-class overthinking to the mix. 

Inger spent over a decade living at a Tibetan Buddhist Center in California and is now working on her third book. She has a knack for creating to-die-for strategies and can spot energy leaks a mile away. 

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Yes! I need this!

We'll gather on March 3rd (via Zoom) at 12 pm Central/1 pm Eastern time. 
If you can't be there live, no worries.
We'll email you the recording. 

Your Action Plan:

1. Register below 

2. Mark the time and date in your calendar

3. Congratulate yourself for making it happen!

*** confetti toss ***

Here's to you and your project! 

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Lift Off
  Also know as: where stagnation and    procrastination goes to die.  

Why not invite a friend or two? Just fill in their emails below and we'll add them to our list! 

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