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All About the Money

In person weekly circle led by Vittoria Immortelle and Inger Kenobi
Image by Todd Trapani
Word on the street | What people are saying about this group

'it’s so helpful to be in a room with other people!’

'I feel so much lighter.'

'I'm doubling my prices!'

'I love this group so much!'

'Finally, a group of bad-ass women!'

'I feel so grateful.'

Dear friends. Your relationship with money is not set in stone. 

You are not your financial past. You don't have to uphold your families unspoken values around money. You can break up with draining money stories. Money is not good nor bad. You are not a good nor bad person for having more or less of it. Money doesn't make you more or less spiritual.

But your relationship with money can and will affect oh-so-many areas of your life. What do you want your relationship with money to be like? 

Anything else? 

Whether you live in a penthouse or with your parents, you have the power to transform your relationship with money in any way you see fit, and that is why we're so thrilled to invite you to: 

 All About The Money. 

But before we get into the nuts and bolts of it all, let us introduce ourselves. 

Hello you, and welcome! We are Vittoria and Inger, and we love mixing Big Magic with the ultra practical, and that's the killer combo we're bringing to ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. 


Vittoria has an impressive background in singlehandedly financing and running a wellbeing retreat center for over 10 years which she grew from zero to 120K in three months. Inger is an author, life-coach, and has a knack for helping creatives and entrepreneurs see all the options and possibilities that are hiding in plain sight. 

Now we are combining our passions, our skills, and our resources in order to expand your reach and remind you of how life-altering powerful you are. 



If just the word 'finance' is making you break out in hives, there is a very good reason for that. And if earning more and becoming a financial powerhouse feels as impossible as going to the International Space Station, you are not alone.  

Until 1975, British women didn’t have the right to open their own bank accounts, let alone get a credit card or mortgage. And, until 1982, women didn’t even have a legal right to buy a drink at the pub. 

So if it feels like there is a bulletproof glass between you and a healthy and happy relationship with money, just remember we're rather new at this. And if you're a man, rest assure that having more (or wanting more) money doesn't turn you into a Wolf of Wall street. 
In this circle we'll help you (re) connect with your intuition, your creativity, your heart, and your life-force so that you can forge a relationship with money that serves you right now and your growth. Don't be surprised if you leave these gatherings thinking, ''Wow! This was so much fun!' 

Whatever is going on in your life right now, this group will empower and inspire you. 

(all the practicalities | weekly flow)


We meet weekly on Thursdays. 

Time: 630 -830 pm. 

Price: 10 pounds per gathering. 

Where: at Vittoria's house in Minchinhampton (UK) 

You will: register below and be added to our list. 

We will: hold a safe, happy, and welcoming space. 

 Our highest wish for you: is that 2024 will be the year you rise above all outer and inner money obstacles and tap into the part of you that has the power to move mountains, dream in multiple directions, and bend reality. We will draw inspiration from both Western and Eastern traditions and give you practical tools you can use right away. We're not about quick fixes, but we know that small tweaks can lead to mind-blowing results. 

Speaking of results. . . 

What kind of results can you expect from this work? In this circle, you will: 

-clear obstacles, fears, and energy-sucking beliefs that hold us back from receiving more. 

-stay in the momentum of growth and possibilities.

- feel uplifted and confident about financial issues. 

- make the subconscious conscious (so that you can understand why you can spend an arm and a leg at a pub lunch (for instance), but freak out when it comes to buying new towels.)

- map out what you really want, and start to see how you will get from here to there. 

-grow together in the magic of the circle.

- move ahead feeling like a million bucks. 

Your next move? Fill in the form below.  

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Learn tools that work. 

Open yourself up for miracles
Make new friends. 

Translation: you'll love it here. 


Put in your info & you're good to go!
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