JOIN US for a 4-Week Epic Adventure/ Mad Experiment to say YES to everything you want (and NO to feeling greedy/ unworthy/ like you don’t deserve it)
Women have been trained for centuries to believe they are less than. 
We’re brainwashed into thinking we shouldn’t want too much, take up too much space or ask for what we really want. We think we need to be “good girls” and so we suppress our true desires, we put everyone else’s needs (and feelings) ahead of our own, and we deprive ourselves of real pleasure. 

It’s time to RECLAIM yourself. 
It’s time to stop tolerating so damn much and start radically enjoying your life.
This is about learning how to feel truly worthy of your big dreams. (YES! They’re possible!) 
But we’ve got to get your logical brain and subconscious brain on the same page. We’re going to show you how to get used to more and better in all areas of your life…. (and if that makes you feel super awkward, Yay! You. Are. In. The. Right. Place. Sign up button below, Goddess.)
You’ll never get what you want if your hidden programming is running the show. We’re going to train you OUT of the nice girl “no thank yous” and into some “hell freekin’ yesses.”
As women, we are up against generations upon generations of patriarchal programming that has been DESIGNED to make us feel bad about ourselves, unworthy of our desires, guilty for making more money than we actually need and smaller than we truly want to live.
It’s heartbreaking. And it’s time to stop.
We’ve learned exactly how to identify this programming in your own life AND how to bust through it.
That’s why we wanted to create this course. So you could have the kind of freedom that feels good to YOU rather than trying to fit yourself into a box that looks acceptable to anyone or any thing/ organization/ overarching belief-system other than you.

Think Neuroscience Meets Spirituality.
We’re going to be using cutting edge tools to help you break through your resistance and step into your authentic power.
Say YES to More Money
Say YES to More Freedom
Say YES to More Ease

The price: $497
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'I’m hoping that by the time I’m done with this I’ll go, ‘I remember when I was so timid and afraid. And now I’m like, whatever!’

'I have really gained a lot of new associations through this program. I find myself feeling more eager to be around money now. I just signed on two Ideal clients that I have an appointment with a third tomorrow. each represents around 6k to $12k of revenue so it's pretty big deal.'

'I took back a lot of my energy during these four weeks.'

'When I reflect on the type of person I am now compared to before….Bringing in all that thought-work skills and tools into my life has made such a difference. I’m like,’ Who can I tell about thought-work because it takes you from being this nervous, fearful, bitter, angry person to ‘Bring it on!'

'The writing exercises were really great! I was really surprised at how my wording changed. I went from: Money is hard. Money is not for someone like me. Money is for people who deserve it. Money is hard earned. And in the end: Money is freedom, power, self care, for the future. Peace. I was like: WOW! I wrote that!? You really think about it. What CAN money do? What WILL money do? You start to think of all the good and powerful things.' 

‘You’ve been saying from the beginning to just take those first steps, trusting the Universe, trusting that magic, and that has really empowered me to work on my own challenge and step out as an entrepreneur. And everytime I feel stuck, I think back to what you Goddesses have taught me, and then I’m able to let it go for now. Then, like magic, it would come to me again; like a new step or a new addition.'

'I love how you said, 'The ego plays to not lose. The soul plays to win. That is so powerful.'

'This is more and more confirming that women should and can have money. And I love it. I love it so much. Money Goddess is going to be my new name. MG in the house!’ Let’s all be MGs! Let’s start a movement!'

'For me, this has been a powerful combination of Karen emphasising the right next small step, and Inger saying how not knowing how creates room for personal insights, synchronicities and guidance. I think that’s incredible helpful. I think that throughout these four weeks, the idea of balancing and coming to terms with discomfort and challenge and yet joyousness in pursuing a goal -that might seem like contradictory ideas, but they are really part of a whole. And it’s really wonderful to be able to embrace that wholeness.'

(Yes, the testimonials are anonymous, because what happens in the group, stays in the group! This is your sneak-peak.)