Nothing to Lose



no limits | no fear | no regrets


In this five-week training we'll give you concrete, effective, and efficient life-skill tools for:

  • changing your self-critical thoughts

  • enjoying your work more 

  • worrying less about what people think

  • feeling better about your relationships

  • living without regret

Nothing to Lose
An online experience for smart and passionate souls. 
Running from October 16th to November 13th. 
three words that will seriously change your life
How to become the most fulfilled person you know
During our five weeks together we'll cut straight to the chase and give you
the one and only tool you need to: 
feel more inspired
get more done
 be happier
overcome doubt and fear
ignite your voice
be less shy
unleash your confidence
feel wild and free
be calm and decisive 
act on your dreams and crazy ideas
live without regret

Distilled into three main points, this program gives you

unlimited progress, fierce self-love, and personal power. 

Are you getting it?

This program brings you creative solutions and 

the confidence to put them to work. 

five weeks, one tool, life-changing results. 

proud to introduce: nothing to lose

This is a coaching program we've been working on for a long time, and we can't wait to share it with the world. 

A lot of the self-help stuff out there demands way too much of your time and energy, and not always with the best results. We say: less is more! 


You have places to be and things to do. We don't want you to commit to months of coaching calls and consuming workbooks. We say: life's too short! 

Also, there is no need to try to learn and remember a multitude of tools and skills. Why make it hard when it can be fun? We say: simplicity rules! 

Think of it this way, if NOTHING TO LOSE

was a phone, it would be the iPhone.

Smart, powerful, revolutionary. 


 “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” -Steve Jobs

when we asked people, 'what would you do if you had nothing to lose?' they said:
  • I would be less shy

  • I would travel to every corner of the earth  

  • I would own and run my own fitness studio

  • I would have a hobby farm 

  • I would leave New York

  • I would surprise my husband with a mini-break

  • I would love to try stand-up comedy

  • I would quit my job and open up a health-food store

  • I would sell vegetables

  • I would stop worrying about what other people think of me

  • I would let myself be happier

when they dying are asked, 'What do you regret?'
the five most common answers are: 

I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. 


I wish I hadn't worked so hard. 

I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings. 

I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 

I wish I had let myself be happier. 

the rundown 

PROGRAM OUTLINE  During our five weeks together we'll  focus on how to implement the NOTHING TO LOSE rule in all areas of our lives. Specifically we'll cover what to expect when you use it, why it works, and how to start using the it. It only takes a few seconds to implement, and it makes a world of difference. 


TEACHING STYLE  Drawing from the science of why we resist change, inspiring stories, and surprising facts from popular culture, we'll reveal the far-reaching powers of this rule. You'll quickly see that the secret to creating a life that you love isn't figuring out what to do, but making yourself go for it. 

HOW WE'LL MEET  We'll meet once a week for five weeks online via ZOOM. This means you can participate from all over the world. All you need is internet access.  Each class will last about 45-60 min. If your schedule doesn't allow you to show up live, no worries, We'll email you the weekly recordings. 

LED BY  Tasha Dalrymple (Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and ThetaHealing Practitioner) and Inger Kenobi (Certified Life Coach, author, and expedition manager).

COST 125 Canadian dollars (about 80 pounds ) 

i've worked hard at making the most of what i've been given. and the lesson is:

it's never too late.

-Jane Fonda
This program is mostly for people who:

  • Want to get shit done and not waste time on busywork 

  • Are ready to shake things up a bit

  • Are done settling for 'good enough' and are ready to go after the extraordinary

  • Ready for a program that doesn't take over their entire life 

  • Are ready to wave goodbye to all the things that drive them crazy

  • Feel happy in some areas of life, yet pinned down in others

  • Want to show up and not be so indecisive 

  • Tired of working so hard at the expense of everything else

  • Crave satisfaction, fulfilment and connection

  • Are secretly bored and frustrated with their lives

Maybe your recognise yourself in some of these statements, or maybe your have your own variation on the themes here. We know we do!  We're in this together.
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“You don’t have a right to the cards you believe you should have been dealt with. You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you’re holding.” 

-Cheryl Strayed
No previous coaching experience required. Everyone is welcome.