BEYOND your wildest dreams

My clients often tell me they have big dreams and exciting plans, but that they have a hard time getting them out of their heads and into reality. That's life-coach talk for, 'I can't get anything done. I'm always behind. No matter how much I work, nothing happens.'

Doesn't that sound frustrating? Sigh.

All the:

  • I should have done more

  • I waste so much time

  • I'm always tired

  • I don't even feel I have time to get up to pee!

  • Why can't I be more productive?

All these thoughts are great ways to overwhelm ourselves.

And when we feel overwhelm, we don't feel like doing anything, and when we don't feel like doing anything we don't get anything done.

So as you can see, this hyper focus on productivity, speed, and performance is actually part of the problem. Plus, none of that is of any use if our personality, our beliefs, and our nervous system isn't onboard.

But what if you could get more done in less time, without all the drama?

What if the secret to making your dreams come true isn't knuckling down and working harder, but to harness your personal power and take action from a place of inspired joy and alignment?

I know those are big words, and what do they even mean?

It means that most women (for good reasons) are secretly afraid of success, progress, and fulfilment. Not consciously, but subconsciously. And when we're afraid, we don't have access to inspired joy and alignment.

Being seen.

Getting our work out there.

Having a voice.

Trusting the process.

None of that feels safe. That's because it didn't use to be safe. Take a walk down history lane and look at how women have been undervalued, ridiculed, undermined, held back, burned as witches, silenced, not allowed to vote, not allowed to be in charge of our own bodies. . . .the list goes on and on.

Yes, it's now 2020 and lots of things have changed, lots have improved, but our collective nervous system doesn't necessarily know that. And this helps explains why 67% of all British women feel like imposters at work. This is why we're excellent people pleasers and often ashamed of our own needs and wants. We're raised to be seen, not heard, and after we're 40 we're no longer visible anyways. . . .

This entire mind-fuck results in us thinking--nay, BELIEVING--that going after what we want is NOT safe. And so we protect ourselves by getting stressed out, taking on too much work, getting distracted, and doubting ourselves.

If you think, 'That's not me!' I invite you to consider that 99% of our decisions come from our subconscious programming. Subconscious as in: the programming and thinking we're not even aware of.

Think about it. If we have a hidden belief that women who are successful are bitches, or being ambitious makes you a bad mother, or getting a raise makes us greedy, or asking for what we need is super selfish, then no matter how hard we work, and no matter how many hours we're glued to the desk, our subconscious mind will do whatever it can to protect our hidden beliefs (She's breaking protocol! It looks like she might get this book done after all! Shit! Shit! Shit!) and find clever ways to sabotage us.

Only we don't know that's what's happening. So instead we blame ourselves and think:

  • I should have done more

  • I waste so much time

  • I'm always tired

  • I don't even feel I have time to get up to pee!

  • Why can't I be more productive?

So what's the solution? Part of the solution is to take an honest inventory of our beliefs and mindsets. How do we feel about money? Being more visible? Publishing that book? Getting that promotion? Taking that opportunity?

How does these things feel in your body?

Do you feel scared? Anxious? Excited? Thrilled? Nervous?

If you can't tell right away, don't rush the answer. It will come to you. At this point (even if you think this isn't relevant for you) just be open to the idea that there is nothing wrong with you. You've just got some stubborn programing that sneaks under the radar and make sure everything stays the same. No progress here, thank you very much!

Next: Slow down and take smaller steps. By doing so you're showing yourself that it's safe and fun to move forward, and this insight starts to reprogram the old beliefs.

Once you start to embody what you want, instead of pushing up against it, you'll get in the flow. You'll get more done in less time. You'll focus on the big stuff. You'll feel upbeat and vibrant. You make new connections and are no longer afraid to ask for what you want.

Then: Remind yourself that you're allowed to have fun at work. Remind yourself it's safe to take on a new challenge. It's OK to be scared. That doesn't mean the danger is real.

The beauty and benefit of taking smaller steps is that all of you get onboard. It's not like one part of you is pulling in one direction and another one is trying to run away and hide. This is what's draining you, by the way. The constant inner conflict. Once you adapt to a work-reality where what you want and what you do pull in the same direction, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

See you next week.

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