crazy high number

Hello everyone,

So many things keep shifting and changing, and according to official figures almost half of Britain is now working from home. That is a crazy high number!

Remember when working from home used to feel empowering and fun? Like a welcome escape from the regular routine!

But these days? Not so much.

So many people feel incredibly overwhelmed. They feel they have too much to do and not enough time.

I want to help change this.

Let’s bring productivity, excitement, and joy back into our workspace.


Because working from home should feel empowering, not exhausting.


* Learn how to create a workflow that leads to the results you want.

* Change the way you handle distractions. Smarter systems. Better boundaries. Less busy-work. More satisfaction.

* Upgrade your workspace. No more “office shame” or putting up with less than optimal conditions. Feel proud of where you work. Reduce clutter. Create an ecosystem primed for functionality, joy, and creativity.

* Bring more of your personality and flair to your workspace. Show up as your best self. Cool, calm, and in charge.

* Feel empowered about your work, not exhausted before you even begin.


Do you want to spend four weeks with me . . . doing work that matters and unravel the stress? Yay. It will feel so great to get to a place of more productivity, fresh energy, a new attitude about work, and finally some space in your mind and your calendar. All this and more in Claim Your Space.

· Four online session. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Super safe and convenient.

· What’s included? Click here to see everything we’ll do together.

· How much does it cost? See payment options and sign up here.

I’m super excited about this program because it combines so many things that I love: creativity, creating beautiful spaces, removing clutter, getting more done in less time, and feeling happy, healthy, and lit up! Less stress. More energy. More living. More joy. More of all the good stuff.

Loving where you work and loving yourself in that space unlocks so many doors.

What will it do for you?

I can’t wait to find out!

I’ve worked from home for 6+ years. I’m still tweaking my setup and learning new ways of doing things, but what I know for sure is:

… when I claim my space and act from my highest intention, I’m more focused and get more done without all the stress and drama. My schedule is less overwhelming. My office is less cluttered. My thinking is clear and organised. And at the end of the day I feel really proud of everything I’ve done and accomplished.

Claiming my space is what helped me launch an online training platform.

Claiming my space is how I wrote and published my first book.

Claiming my space is how I create new coaching programs and bring in more clients.

Claiming my space is why I’m obsessed with my work and can’t wait to get up in the morning.

See you inside the program!

Stay safe, Inger

PS: The program is based on the following tried and tested principles: You don't need to work harder; you need to upgrade your intentions. You don't need to get more organised; you need to act from your highest self. You don't need more willpower; you need to claim your space. It feels so good to leave stress behind and actually get stuff done.

PPS: Why not ask a friend to sign up with you? It’s so much fun to have an accountability partner!