If entering your workspace makes you feel like Han Solo just emerging out of the carbonite, maybe it's time to rethink the setup. Here I'll give you three tips to upgrade your outer, inner, and secret environment.


Have you ever run out of gas? Super annoying. Running out of basic office supplies is equally draining. Granted, a paperclip is just a paperclip, but when you need one you really need one. Same with pens, paper, and other office essentials. Looking for stuff, shopping for stuff, and spending valuable energy on trying to make do is not a recipe for flow and productivity. Office rage is real, so be kind to yourself and overstock. Don't buy one post-it pad, buy ten. While at the post office, don't buy one meager stamp, buy a dozen. If you use a lot of paper, stock up. Overstock, overstock, overstock. This will save you an insane amount of time and energy. Time and energy that can be more wisely spent on doing big work and get things done.


OK, great. Now that your office is stocked with everything you need, including emergency snack and your favourite tea, it's time to look at your attitude. Who are you in this office space? Who do you want to be? Do you sit down at your desk with the intention of knocking it out of the park, or do you feel overwhelmed and unfocused. Successful surgeons review their work before they enter the operating theatre. They mentally rehearse the steps of the procedure, they estimate how much time it will take, and they remind themselves of what can go wrong and how to fix it. In short, they are focused, present, and awake. There is absolutely no reason people sitting at a desk can't be equally on. I personally review the work before I engage with it. I remind myself what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, I set a deadline, and I ask myself: what would make this even more amazing? Then I do that.

Try it. It's a real game changer.


Now that we've looked at the outer environment and how to mentally rehearse for our tasks, it's time to look at our emotions. Think of it as the emotional version of , 'Bring your daughter to work day'. If someone showed you a platter filled with all kinds of emotions and feeling states, which ones would you want to take with you to work? My personal favourite these days is obsession. I want to feel obsessed about my work. I want to bring the energising feeling of obsession to everything I do. Locking in a feeling states makes it much easier to deal with distractions, restlessness, and overwhelm.


Get started on the right foot. Plan. Prepare. Activate your desired emotion and get to work.

See you all next week with more workspace related tools and tips.

All best, Inger

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