prime your environment

Priming your environment to match your dreams, goals, and highest aspirations means you are speaking on behalf of the person you are ready to become. This can apply to both your personal life and your business.

Last summer I signed up for a yoga membership at the local yoga studio, Warrior and Wild. You never know what these places will look like, or how you will feel when you enter them, but this studio was a dream come true. Green plants everywhere. Hardwood floor. Muted colours. Candles. Soft lighting. Nice smelling soap in the bathroom. Everything seemed to have been designed with calmness and wellbeing in mind. I felt instantly at home and drawn to the place.

Imagine if the owner had gone, 'I'll make it a super beautiful place once I have more students.' Or, 'Once my membership numbers are up, then I'll worry about things like candles and plants.'

That would have been a terrible business plan, and the same is true for your home office. That's why I'm bringing this up here. If we surround ourselves with items and clutter and furniture that isn't up to speed with where we want to be or what we are about, we're holding ourselves back.

If you were super successful, or had reached whatever milestone you picture for yourself in the future (like finishing a project, reached a financial goal, taken on more clients), how would you want your office to look and feel? What would be different from what it is today? What would be the same?

TIPS: You don't have to change everything at once, but start to notice. What is one thing you could do today that would improve your workspace? What if you did one small thing each week? Three months from now, how would you feel about those changes?

Small changes compounds into significant results, so start today. Take one small step towards adapting your outer environment to match your highest self.