If you don't have a website, you can skip this post. If you do, I have created a video that will (hopefully) take your ABOUT ME page from flat to interesting.

A lot of my clients, especially the multi-passionate ones, find it hard to talk about themselves and their work in a way that doesn't sound like they're half drunk and all over the place.

'Yes! I'm a public speaker, but I'm super passionate about labyrinths. And clothes! I love fashion. But my real focus is nutrition, obviously.'

If that sounds familiar, take a look at the video below. You can also check out my own ABOUT ME page. It's finally at a place where it doesn't make me cringe.

Here is my page:

I'm actually quite proud of you. A branding expert recently told me, 'It's the best About Me page I've seen in ages.' (Ehm. . . I don't even have a brand, so there is that. But thank you!)

To check out my workshop, you can go to this link. No pressure, but feel free to use the format and structure of the page to create your own offer.

Have a great day!

All best, Inger

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