Virtual Bonfire Gathering | Free Training
Camp Fire

Bring pen, paper, and your dreams to our virtual bonfire gathering: Live alchemy workshop on how to feel hopeful and safe when dealing with change. 

February 10th, from 7-8 pm UK time. 

Make sure you register Below. (Yes, it's free!)

  • We're going to have such a great evening together! Everyone is welcome. 

  • We'll practice methods that will make you less scared of change and also more open to longer periods of happiness and success. 

  • You'll walk away with three concrete tools and a process we call: 


So whether you're thinking of trying a new hairstyle or dreaming of making some major moves, you'll get something valuable out of this class. 

Things will be different from now on. 

Yes, I want this! 

An online workshop that will change my life? I'm in!

Image by Akin
Inger Kenobi
Who are we? 
Tasha Dalrymple

We are Inger Kenobi and Tasha Dalrymple, two life-coaches  known for helping people live life to the fullest and breaking the frustrating cycle of waiting and seeing. 

What will you learn? 

  • How to connect with your most fun, passionate, and alive self,  instead of stressing out about how everyone else is doing 'it'. 

  • Concrete tools that will make you feel safe and hopeful when dealing with change, and also how to tolerate longer periods of happiness and success. 

  • How we can work together (if you want to).

Camp Fire