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Jen Sfalcin & Inger Kenobi presents: SACRED PAUSE | online event | May 24th | 37 pounds


Inger Kenobi Pause

What if you didn't have to learn complicated productivity hacks to get things done? What if you didn't need more time? What if taking breaks is the joyful miracle you've been waiting for?

Give us 90 minutes, and you'll learn why taking agenda-free pauses gives you the breakthroughs, the progress, and the satisfaction you've been dreaming of. 

After this workshop, you'll say, 'I'd wish I'd known about this sooner!' 


When working for yourself, how do you make room for new ideas? How do you spot energy leaks? How do you connect with your heart, not just your head? How do you know which hunches to listen to and which ones to ignore? How do you have time to put yourself out there and work behind the scenes? 

Do you have to clone yourself? Sleep less? Work harder? Hire a virtual assistant? Get psychotically focused?

Yes. You can try all of the above. Or you can hit pause.  

Introducing SACRED PAUSE

Image by Jessica Delp

Thinking you're too busy to slow down, and at the same time feeling you're not putting your attention where it could be, is a real bummer. It can start to affect everything. 

But contrary to all the keep going advice out there, pausing is one of the smartest things you can do. It's connected to all the good RE-words. 

Recharge. Refocus. Realign. Redirect. Reset. 
Reorient. Rest. Also, rediscover and reignite. 

Because a pause is not an abyss. Pausing is not the same as numbing. An intentional pause is full of life, possibility, and potential. It's also extremely healing. It helps you reconnect (another re-word!) with your intuition, your creativity, your most interesting self, and your life-force. And that, dear friend, is what SACRED PAUSE is all about. 

is right up your street if:

  • You've been dreaming of taking some time off, but it never came together. 
  • You have all these great ideas for your business, but pursuing any of them feels like too much work. Your life is already full. 
  • You're not really into running around like a headless chicken, and yet. . . 
  • You get resentful when other people do what you wish you could be doing. She wrote a book?? The nerve! I mean, really!
  • You're afraid that if you listen to the voice inside your head that says, 'This, not that' , it will lead to financial ruin and public humiliation. 
  • You're a coach and drowning in all the doing, building, and growing. Where the heck is my North Star? 
If only 10% of the above feels like you, you're in the right place. 
The bad new is, most people only step away and hit pause when a) they've hit rock bottom and are utterly exhausted. Or b) when they've reached a huge milestone and everyone can see that they deserve a break. But. . .  if you find yourself without an Oscar nomination or a terminal illness, pausing is off limits. You can't just do nothing. Are you out of your mind?  Maybe. Maybe not. ​
The good news is, pausing doesn't have to be a big production or turn your life upside down. You certainly don't need to Eat, Pray, Love it, and you do not have to justify it or build a huge case for it. You can hit pause anytime you want. Even on a regular Wednesday when things are neither good nor bad. In fact, we think pausing for the sake of pausing is the gift that keeps on giving. 
Who are we? Allow us to introduce ourselves. 
Image by Mathias Elle
Jen Sfalcin Headshot.png
kenobi inger.jpg
Oh, hey there! We are Jen and Inger. We belong to a rare breed of life-coaches who will never tell you to go big or go home or to get more productive. The world doesn't need more busy people. The world needs more people who doesn't feel like they're always two steps behind. 

Jen is an intentional living enthusiast and spark igniter. She embraces creating sacred pauses in life to fuel her and inspires others to do the same. In fact, she’s having fun becoming somewhat of a sacred pause connoisseur! Over the past 25 years, Jen has cultivated a deep and transformative meditation practice that's become integral to her life and work. She gets SUPER jazzed by empowering her clients to create their own sacred pauses and find clarity and calm amidst the chaos of daily life. (And you can learn more about her brand coaching and life coaching at )

Inger used to live at a Tibetan Buddhist center where pausing (as in, going into solitary meditation retreat) was seen as the height of all accomplishments. One of her teacher spent over twenty years in retreat. That's not for everyone, but it's possible to take time off to work on your book, press pause on shopping, or hide in the bathroom and eat a bar of chocolate. (Inger has done all of these things.) It's not the size of the pause that matters. It's the fact that you're taking one. You'll see! And as Inger likes to say, if you have time to scroll, you have time to pause. 

Five reasons to join
Sacred Pause

  • Learn three toxic myths that keep you from seeing the bigger picture.
  • Snag our best tools for experimenting in the face of 'what if this doesn't lead to anything?' 
  • Discover how the highest energy enters through the smallest of actions. 
  • Get a huge wave of enthusiasm for your life (and work). 
  • Press pause on all go-go-go madness (web-design, content creation, posting, launching. . . .) so you can hit play on inspiration, creativity, and have a bit of fun behind the scenes. 
You'll also walk away feeling pumped and inspired by real-life examples and ideas you can use right away. Plus, we'll also give you writing prompts for future pausing adventures and two questions that will break the spell of having to know all the answers up front. 
That's about it! 
Still on the fence? 
Pausing can expand your life in unimaginable ways. So if something is tugging out you (even if you can't name it or make sense of it-yet), consider this your invitation to step back from distractions and truly listen to yourself. 

Lions rest into action.
You'll pause into alignment. 

Ready to join? Great! Then we'll see you on May 24th, noon Central Time. 


This is a no-brainer! I'm in. 

We'll gather on May 24th, at Noon Central Time.

The workshop will last for 90 minutes. 

We will send you the Zoom link the day before! 


Your next step? Register and save your seat below!

PS: If you can't be there live, we'll send you the recording the very next day. 


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