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Marketing yourself is something you get to have fun with.  

In this 3-part workshop, we'll show you how. 

Our goal is to put you on the quickest, funnest, most magical path from 'I hate this marketing shit' to utterly outshining your wildest ideas. 

This workshop was recorded in October, 2022. 
You'll get access to the audio recordings. Like a mini-podcast series on marketing, just for you! 

We'll teach you how to communicate in a way that will make your clients go, 'It's like you're inside my head!'

Here you'll learn 3 specific things:


 First, we'll get crystal clear on what your offer is. If you can't articulate it, your clients will be confused. Or worse, ignore you. Here you'll learn to write copy that's not only read, but makes your clients feel seen and understood. 


Next, you'll learn why ONLY talking (marketing) to people who already love and adore what you do--even if they don't know it yet--is GOLD for your business. 


 Lastly, we'll map out actionable steps that are so aligned with your values that you can’t f*cking wait to get your offers in front of the people you want to serve. Think dominos. Ripples in a pond. We start where you are and make the most of what's already in place. 

THE RESULT: This workshop will transform your RELATIONSHIP with marketing so it's no longer a necessary evil or something to be avoided at all costs.


Sass and Pizzazz
 Put on your favorite perfume, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or pop some champagne), and let's get this marketing party started!

All this for only: £25 pounds    

(This is non-refundable, so please invest with clarity and intention.)


Sometimes the mobile version doesn't work, so if you're having problems, hop over to your laptop or desktop!  

Any other questions or issues? Please email me at

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raving reviews 

-I really liked your workshop because it gave real hands-on help. We were actually learning and getting better at a skill in real-time rather than processing our feelings about it or just hearing a lecture on it never to really have the ability to implement in our real lives....xoxo. 

-That was so fun!!! I don’t know why but I felt like I was giggling the entire two hours. Also I am so lucky you looked at my website. Thank you. 

- This was HUGELY helpful! Thank you. My main takeaways so far are "the biggest mistake you can make in your business is NOT sounding like yourself," and  let go of convincing or justifying

-That was awesome! 

-“If I sound like myself, people will think I’m a lunatic”! Thank you!!! Such a relief to know it’s not just me who thinks that (and it made me sort-laugh my morning cuppa out my nose ).

-THANK YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Are you inside my head?!

-I experienced so many aha moments. 


-Wonderful, sparkly! For the first time ever I feel motivated to go through my old old website and make it better.

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