Tiger's Nest

Building a House of Integrity

This program is the home version of dress for the job you want.

Or to put it another way: together we'll create homes that bring out the very best in us. 

Interested....? Keep reading. 

Hero's journey, memory-making, and falling in love with

your home  . . . all at once. 



We are visual beings who react and respond to the environment we're in. 

Our five senses pick up clues and signs our rational mind miss, and these clues affect everything from our mood to our behavior. 


This explains why we are astonishingly quiet in libraries, loud

at music festivals, wild in Las Vegas, and feel like Mr. Miyagi in Zen gardens.

Without giving it a second thought, we adapt to our surroundings

People who design churches, hospitals, campuses, supermarkets, healing gardens, and sacred spaces use this knowledge for all it's worth. 

And yet, when it comes to changing things in our personal liveswe tend to overvalue things like mindset and planning--thinking change is logical and predicable-- and undervalue things like our environment and visual signals. 

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When it comes to acting on your goals or making new plans, does getting started feel 

like a carnival of: 

Struggling with where to start?

Getting overwhelmed and feeling pinched for time?

Have lots of ideas and end up spreading yourself too thin?

Feeling miserable and confused when things don't go according to plan?

Do you fantasize about all the things you want to do, but never get around 

to actually doing them? 


Don't worry! There is hope. 

What if we told you that you can make valuable progress on your dreams

simply by rearranging your home? 

That instead of feeling like every step of the way is the mental equivalent of

tight-rope walking (must get more willpower, feel inspired, muster up motivation, etc  . . ),

you can reverse-engineer the process with breathtaking clarity and intention?


Waking up in an environment that has been designed to match your dreams

will not only put a big smile on your face, but it will hit the PLAY button on

the life you want to live. 



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Meditation in Forest


To get started on the right foot, we'll first get still and practice the ancient art of mindfulness. We'll go inward and ask: what's important to me? What do I care about? What's next for me? What will I regret not doing? 


This will create the spaciousness we need for the life we want to live to take root.


Next, once our inner treasures start to surface, we'll welcome them into our home with feng-shui, creativity, intentional design, science, and alchemy. We'll ask: how do I want to make space for this dream? What needs to go? What has to shift?


The best part of doing this in our own homes is the joy of finding solutions and resources that are hiding in plain sight. 



Even if you think, 'I've never been any good with design and stuff', this program will help you discover:

– The things you want to create

- The experiences you want to have

– The people you want to spend time with


– The opportunities you want to attract


– The doors you want to unlock

What does your current space encourage? What do you do there? What do you want to do? What would you regret NOT doing? 

While you ponder those questions, we'll introduce ourselves. 

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Sarah Bamford Seidelmann and Inger D. Kenobi are both life coaches who are passionate about helping people melt away mental barriers so they can act from a place of joy, clarity, and creativity. (Humour is important, too.
There is no need to take everything so seriously.) 



Sarah has been addicted to making homes ever since her father gifted her with a hand-made dollhouse during her preschool years. She adores the part in Marie Kondo’s Netflix show where she greets the client’s home and firmly believes that EVERYTHING is sacred including your home. 


Her office/closet can get messy in the midst of a passionate storm of creating…and as wild and untamed as she feels inside, she’s realized that it’s the fences in her pasture that help her creative SOUL soar.  She identifies as a chaos muppet and a maximalist.  


Ever since Inger's uncle suddenly drew A GIANT CAT ON THE WALL (!), she's been obsessed with making her own spaces personal and fun. This has resulted in things like painting her deck hot pink and playing with lights and fabrics. 


One of the things she loved, loved, loved about living at a Tibetan Buddhist center, was how intentional the design was. The colors in the shrine room represented the five Buddha families. The Victory Banners symbolized Buddha's victory over the four hindrances. Inger's motto is, 'Make the most of what you've got.' That includes your home.


SHORT ANSWER: multi-passionate people, creatives, healers, people who are embarking on a new chapter (empty nesters, divorce, career change), and people who are ready to let go of what's no longer serving them. 


People who are ready to raise the vibe for themselves and their community.

People who are ready to bring their dreams to life.

People who feel overwhelmed and perhaps shame about their home.

People who know they are ready for something new, but are not sure what.

People who value experiences over possessions. 

 People who are curious about feng-shui and intentional living.

Aaaaaaand . . .

For people who want to walk into their home and feel a 

greater sense of joy and belonging.

For people who want to create more and consume less.

For people who want to make big moves, even if they're small moves.

For people who are sick of their dreams getting caught in the 

crossfire between chores and obligations. 

For people who love the idea of living in a house of integrity. 


The vibe of the program: ‘We were all put here not to fit in, but to see things differently, to ruffle feathers, and to return balance to the world and our communities by using our creative abilities, our healing presence, and our eccentric gifts.’

-Sarah B. Seidelmann

If this program was a book: Eat Pray Love (Why do you think Liz Gilbert  went to Rome to eat and to an Indian Ashram to pray?)

If this program was a quote: 'That thing that had been missing from all the beautiful places I’d ever lived in was me.' -Oprah

Purpose: Learn that when you design an environment to fit a specific purpose, you adapt to that purpose.

Premise: your surroundings matter. Building integrity with your spaces will bring you into integrity with yourself.

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  1. We’ll meet over Zoom for weekly sessions (eight in total) at 12 pm Central Time. Our first session will be on September 27th, the last one on November 29th. (We take a break during Thanksgiving week.)

  2. These sessions will be FUN and ENGAGING, and you'll learn the amazing secret that you don't need more time to embark on your next chapter, you need community and connection. 

  3. Between each session we'll hang out in our private Facebook group where we'll share inspiration and weave even more of our passions and dreams into our everyday life. We'll also create space for a daily 5 minute meditation practice. 



Week 1 | Sept 27th 
Building a sacred relationship with your home

We'll greet our home and dreams with an opening ceremony that will set the stage for what's next.  Integrity, intention, and 

Week 2 | October 4th 
Shamanic extraction  

In shamanism there is a practice called extraction where we restore balance to an individual by removing everything that doesn’t belong and then we invite light in. We will be undertaking a similar process in our homes. 


Week 3 | October 11th

Experimenting and playing with Feng Shui

What's a Helpful Friends corner? You're about to find out. Feng Shui (meaning Wind and Water) is a practical way of arranging your stuff to gain positive results. For real. 

Week 4 | October 18th 

Engineering your environment for who you want to become

Guided by your interests and passions, we're going to create triggers so powerful and fun you can't ignore them. We've been playing with this for years, and we can't wait to see what you do with this. 


Week 5 | November 1st 
Creating sacred spaces

If you could rent any house, would you want a house with a reading nook, an artist loft, a writing corner, a meditation room,  or perhaps a Parisian kitchen? Let's create a version of that at home. 


Week 6 | November 8th 

The power of the empty drawer

Do you hold on to things that you don't like because it feels disrespectful to give them away? Here we'll get grounded in the question, 'what can I make room for instead?'   

Week 7 | November 15th 

Opening up your home

Would you love to host Victorian dinner parties, create a reading circle, host pajama parties, or organize a poetry slam? Learn to create space for all the things you want to do--even if no one else is doing them. 

Thanksgiving Week - no class. 

Week 8 | November 29th 

Your next chapter

Every day is a little life. To predict what's ahead, look at what you're doing now. Here we'll both celebrate how far you've come and honor what's ahead. 

We can't wait to meet you all and learn about your unique dreams, hopes, and gifts!

Yes, I am so ready for this!
Our first Zoom class will take place on September 27th, and the last one on November 29th.
Eight classes in total. 

If you can't be there live, no worries.

All classes will be recorded an posted in our FB group. 


But the power of this program is linked to neither Zoom nor Facebook. This is all about listening to the voice that says, 'It's time.'

It's about honoring your calling in a new and powerful way. It's also about feeling less alone and more connected with people who truly get you. And above all, it's about shaking things up a bit and lighting that inner fire. If not now, when? 

Come! We can't wait to meet you!

It doesn’t matter if your dream lives in your head or you’re already on your way. 

Either way, you'll get something out of this program.  

Register below. 





A creative approach to making our dreams come true.  

Immersive tools that makes taking action intuitive and instinctive. 

A private Facebook group where you'll find inspiration and make new friends. 

Exclusive access to our live Zoom sessions. Solidarity, fun, and dreams blooming, all rolled into one. 

Translation: you will LOVE it here! 

800 US dollars 

This program is non-refundable, so please invest with intention and enthusiasm. 


what this program is NOT

This is not about making your house look perfect, ala Stepford Wives or McGee and Company. It's not about being clean, organised, and presentable, so if you're looking for a program that teaches stuff like, 'ten ways to fold your sweaters' this is not it. 

It's also not about remodeling. We'll not ask you to knowck down a wall or get new drapes. However, if you want to go bananas in thriftstores and paint your kitchen orange, we're not going to stop you. 

It's not about being a minimalist. It's also not about decluttering, thought you might want to subtract or give away things that is not longer aligned with who you are. If you no longer bake, why keep all the baking pans? 


It's not about spending money. Most of us have more physical treasures than we think, and this program is all about getting intentional about what to put where for what purpose. 

Lastly, it's not about spending a lot of time. This program should not take over your life, unless you want it to. Yes, there will be a daily 5 minute meditation exercise. There will be challenges and exercises, but they are all designed to fit into your life.


BUT! There is a big chance you'll end up saving a lot of time, seeing how you'll become aware of all your energy leaks and how to fix them. 

And one more thing. There is this myth that creatives, spiritual people, and healers have more important things to think about than design. 


Ah. Yes. Maybe. But once you let your environment do the heavy lifting (why shrinerooms leave nothing to chance, why Georgia O'Keeffe spent two years decorating her house, doing what you came here to do becomes as natural as breathing.