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Memoir starter kit: make time for your writing

In our experience, a lot of people don't get started because they have this vague feeling of not having enough time, but writing a book is actually very doable. You have a very possible task.


And what makes it very easy to start, is --dun-dun-dun--schedule time for writing.


So right now: get our your calendar or your planner, look at the week ahead, and set aside three small, logical, no-brainer writing sessions.

Make them so small (maybe even just ten minutes) that it would be ridiculous NOT to do it. Do not underestimate the power of small steps.

Sure, go big and go home sounds sexier, but who has the energy for that day after day?


And for those of you who struggle with feeling selfish for writing, that it steals time away from all the other important stuff (hello, good girls! We see you!) this video might help.

Turn off all distractions, make a cup of your favourite hot drink, and press PLAY!

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