Inger Kenobi

Saying yes to your dreams is easy. It's your ego that prevents you from taking action. 



Innovative, insightful, and impressive people (especially of the female kind) are often uncomfortable with their own success. They sweep their achievements  under the rug by saying things like, 'Oh, I didn't do anything. I'm nothing special. I've just been very lucky.'   


No more! Own your wins. Celebrate each milestone. Bask in the glory of your own success. 



Don't limit yourself to doing what looks right. Forget off-the-shelf solutions. Everyone have their own unique path. Honour yours. 


Easy means overcoming second-guessing, people pleasing, overthinking, indecision,  and the urge to overcomplicating things. Easy means it feels safe and normal to pursue your dreams. Easy means doing what you can with the resources that you have. Easy means you've released old programming and start to act from a place that is authentic, true, and fun. In short, letting it be easy means you pay more attention to your soul than your ego. The ego plays not to lose. The soul plays to win. 


We change to adapt to an impermanent reality. That's a fancy way of saying: It's okay to change your course. You can change your mind and alter your plans. It doesn't mean you're doing life wrong, it means you're growing. In the words of Joseph Campbell, 'You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.'


Gratitude makes it possible for what you have and what you want to join forces. It also helps you notice what's already stacked in your favor. You probably have more opportunities and resources than you think. That's true for all of us.


Not feeling ready is a uniersalsign that we are on the verge of something new and amazing. It's not a stop sign, it's a portal. What's more, when we own our goals and act on them (even if the first steps are tiny and wobbly, even if we can't see the entire road ahead), previously hidden resources and answers make themselves available to us. It can feel super magical, but it's just what happens when we pay more attention to our inner wisdom than our inner critic. 


And in case you were wondering, there is no contradiction between loving what you have, and longing for more. In the words of Reese Witherspoon, 'Ambition is not a dirty word.' If you want more money, great! If you want more success, fantastic! If you want your work to get notices, amazing! It doesn't mean your greedy, ungrateful, or 'out of touch' with real values. It means you're embracing a bigger and more exciting reality. You go, girl! 


If all this sounds great to you, but you still fear that even daring to want more money and success will turn you into Cruella DeVille, there is a reason for that. 

Historically, women haven't exactly been encouraged to stand in their own power. In fact, we were groomed to be agreeable, giving, and to collaborate. (Insert image of a toiling and obedient wife/daughter here.) We were raise to be good girls who placed a higher value on support others than achieving our own goals. If a women dared to be too loud, too much, too opinionated, and too assertive she was literally burnt at the stakes. 

We've come a long way since the witch-hunting days, but we still don't have any positive words for a powerful woman. (Bitch. Ball breaker. Cow. Just to name a few.)


And it wasn't until the mid 1970s that a woman could get a mortgage, a business loan, or even a bank account without the co-signature of a male relative.


If we go back a little bit further, women were kept from voting, from going to college, and from owning her own property. Women were the properties of their male relatives, first their fathers, then their husbands. (Where do you think the tradition of the father walking down the aisle to 'give away the bride' comes from?)   

The message that's been hammered into us, inexplicably and explicably, is that our needs don't count. We're worth less than men. Always put other people first. 

As a result, we collectively agreed that it's best to lower our expectations and water ourselves down.


And this is why paying attention to our deepest desires and dreams still doesn't feel safe. It feels risky. Wrong. Selfish. Unnatural. Consciously we might feel confident, ready, and on top of things. Subconsciously we want to stay small and quiet. 

I'm here to change that. Everything about my work is about empowering you from the inside out. I want you to know in your bones that it's safe to access your inner power. This is big work, and we'll take it one step at a time.