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Image by Nahil Naseer
A brief introduction. 

It's 4.58 am and the cat has just thrown up next to the bed. I am not thrilled. This is not how I like to start the day. 
Inger Kenobi

I like to start the day by getting up while everyone else is sleeping (including the cats) and drinking my coffee in peace and quiet. Then I write in my YES journal. That's exactly what it sounds like. I write down all the things I want to say YES to. It's just a fun way to get to know what's bubbling below the surface. 

- I'm a business strategist and published author.


 - I work with private clients and I also co-run an online artist program called SHINE. 


- My work feels like a guilty pleasure (which makes sense because the woman I trained with is Oprah's life coach). 


-I currently live in the Cotswolds, but I'm originally from Norway. 

- I've spent ten years living and studying at a Tibetan Buddhist center in California

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The fanciest companies on my CV include Buckingham Palace, National Geographic, Scottland Yard, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, and BBC. I also used to be the personal assistant to the previous right-hand to the Dalai Lama. 


I pride myself on being pretty fearless, and I love moving forward by blending invisible forces (intuition, creativity, inner wisdom, magic, and confidence) with ultra-practical and super-useful skills and tools. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, you're in the right place. 

PS: If you want to start your own YES journal, this video will make your day. 

Press and Publications

For media or speaking inquiries, please contact


When I published my first book, I was a radio guest at BBC Radio Gloucestershire. 


Me and my book also landed the front page of the Woman section of The Daily Record. 


'Great book by Inger Kenobi.' Praise from Livia Firth's Eco Age Instagram Feed. 

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Interview about my life at the Buddhist Center in California. (Sorry, no link)

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Contributing author in Ramble On: A Celebration of Walking by Zee Southcombe.

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