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ready to work together?

That's such great news, because too many smart, talented, and gifted women hold themselves back—emotionally, professionally, creatively, and financially.

Not only that, but there are predictable mistakes women make when pursuing their goals and dreams, both outer and inner. 

I'm here to change that.


How? By helping you develop a winning mindset.


Here we'll set sails for career mobility, joy, overcome underearning, courage, new possibilities, adventure, and a greater sense of purpose and belonging. 


Can you imagine a more useful and rewarding journey? 

My world-class coaching practice is steeped in tradition, designed for real life, and unapologetically fun and exciting. 

Together we'll raise the bar and blaze a new trail.

outer change is an inside job. 

There are two types of people.
Those who take responsibility for their life and move forward, 
and those who won't.
Guess which ones I want to work with? 
After working with me you'll get used to two things
1. Live your life like a celebration (because it is).
2. Go after anything you want (because you can).
Your next move?
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Your potential is limitless.

How did Beyoncé put it? 

'Don’t try to lessen yourself for the world; let the world catch up to you.'


The Practicalities


During our time together you'll learn to think on purpose, act on your goals, and master new things. This is an outer and inner journey. Everything comes together. 

By teaming up with a life coach it's a lot easier to succeed. And it's more fun that way.  


My jet-set clients are from all over the world, so location is never an issue. All you need is internet. Just click on the Zoom link I'll send you and we're good to go. 


Want to be coached in person? That can be arranged, too.


I offer three types of coaching options.


Option A: Six bespoke coaching sessions at 1800 pounds.


Option B: a full-day coaching intensive at 3500 pounds. 

Option C: Have me on retainer. at 2000 pounds a month. Three months minimum. 

Your road map to becoming a
Mind Warrior

Client Love

about my clients
Previous clients have worked on Emmy Award winning shows, received recognition from HM Queen Elizabeth II, and are adventurous and ambitious people doing amazing work.
 Got questions? I've got answers. 
Just send an email to
and we'll take it from there. 

What to Expect

When you learn to master your thoughts and
become a Mind Warrior, you'll: 
​get more done
​ be happier
reclaim acres of courage and confidence
overcome doubt and fear
overcome underearning
ignite your voice
be less shy
feel grounded and free
live life like a celebration 
feel good as hell
be calm and decisive 
act on your dreams and ideas
develop fierce self-love
become empowered
live without regret

WHat happens if you don't develop a winning mindset?

  • You talk yourself out of your dreams and desires
  • You feel like you don't belong
  • You make less money
  • You don't reach for the things you value 
  • You don't fulfil your potential 
  • You don't thrive on challenges
  • You wait for others to confirm your specialness 
  • You listen to your excuses
  • You stay in situations that aren't working for you

let's take a look at your time now

How do we create time for coaching?

I've already solved that problem for you. 


Your typical coaching work includes a patchwork of journaling, positive affirmations, and step-by-step methods.

The problem isn't only the effectiveness of this approach, but the assumption that we have all the time in the world. 

The beauty of becoming a Mind Warrior is that you don't need to learn 87 different techniques or tools.

There is no need to create an elaborate morning ritual. 

All you have to do is develop a mind that works for you,

not against you. 

And to get that ball rolling you don't need to sing up for a year of coaching or enroll in time-consuming coaching programs.

. . .oR (IF YOU'RE REALLY EAGER TO GET GOING) YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR A FULL DAY OF COACHING. If you're super busy, there's a third alternative for you. Keep reading. 

Even though there are predictable building blocks for breakthroughs and meaningful change, each and every one of you will arrive at the table at different stages of your life. My world-class coaching practice is designed to compliment that. 

1. BECOMING AWARE. Just like all roads lead to Rome, there are predictable mistakes women make when pursuing their goals and dreams, both outer and inner. No one makes all the mistakes (that would be weird), but our first order of business will be identifying which unconscious believes (and behaviours) are holding you back. 
2. BECOMING EMPOWERED. Next we'll look at where these believes came from and what purpose they served. We won't spend a lot of time here, it's just a lot easier to move forward once we understand that we're not holding ourselves back because we're stupid or incompetent. We simply haven't upgraded our believes to match our current circumstances.
What served us during our childhood translates into self-sabotaging behaviour in adulthood. The mindset that helped us in our early twenties won't necessarily contribute to our success later in life. New situations require different believes and action steps. New ball game, new rules. 
your mindset will either help or harm your progress.
3. BECOMING PROACTIVE. Limiting beliefs equals limiting results, so here we'll consciously activate the thoughts and believes that will take you to the next level. This part is really rewarding, but we won't stop here. We'll also explore concrete  action steps that have been proven to move you forward in the direction you want to go.
In other words, we'll train your brain to help you grow, learn, and evolve and back up your new believes with complimentary behaviours. Now you're fully in control of your destiny. This doesn't mean that everything will always go your way, but challenging situations will no longer get the better of you. You'll have your own back. 
the smallest shifts can produce the biggest outcomes.
4. BECOMING A MIND WARRIOR. Through repetition, dedication, and commitment, you'll rewire your mind into a whole new way of being. This gives you access to everything you need. Decisiveness, courage, resilience, kindness, joy, gratitude, compassion, big picture thinking, wisdom, curiosity, creative powers, insights, intuition, originality, spontaneity, openness, and awareness.
This is an elegant and proven path to positive change. By dropping outdated expectations and believes, you're free to move towards fulfilment and success. 
You have what it takes. Let's roll! 

working together

your road map to becoming a

Mind Warrior

A recap of why working with me is
a really smart move: 

Unlike other coaches, I'm not interested in building an email list or creating a 'following.'


This means I'm free to focus on what I love. Like, researching and developing the best coaching tools and life-skills that your money can buy.  

walk the walk

I'm always telling my clients to take risks, dream big, and step outside the comfort zone. 


That's exactly what I'm working on in my own life as well. How else will I grow and evolve?  


Becoming a Mind Warrior is effective, empowering, and surprisingly fun. 

Embracing the fact that you're in control of your mind, your actions, and ultimately your destiny, is like having a wish-fulfilling jewel. One that can never be taken away from you. 

“Run from what's comfortable.


Forget safety.


Live where you fear to live.


Destroy your reputation.”


Be notorious.”

― Rumi