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The online artist program that feels like a joyful miracle. 

Embrace your artistic life and pull inspiration out of thin air. 

More creativity. More productivity. More satisfaction. 

An online program for authors, freelancers, entrepreneurs, coaches, aaaaaaand . . . . artists.

 A portal for all your artistic dreams and aspirations. 

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Led by the creative all-star team: Sarah B. Seidelmann and Inger D. Kenobi. 

Enroll now.
This is a year-round program. 

Creativity, community, and crazy useful tools, all rolled into one.  

"This program feels like my real life!"
" I now feel I can pull inspiration and creativity out of thin air."

Do you daydream about writing a book, picking up that guitar again, growing as an artist, or maybe (secretly) quitting your day job so you can paint full-time?

Then if so. . . . 

. . . . that means you’ve got things you want to create and you want to do so consistently. 


Oh Em Gee! Sooooo many things. No consistent workflow, for sure. No system in place to capture and develop new ideas. A lot of doubt. Not enough trust. Perfectionism. The heavy notion that if you haven't been channeling Georgia O'Keeffe since you were three years old, you've missed the boat. Waiting for the right time. Waiting for permission. Thinking, 'Who am I kidding?' Feeling alone and scattered. 

All of the above has a funny way of turning into: 

- Starting. And quitting. Taking one step forward and five thousand steps back. Getting frustrated. Buying a new notebook. Shopping for new pencils. Hoping inspiration will lift you out of stagnation, like the last helicopter out of Saigon. Eating all the chocolate. 

- Also. . . struggling to put pen to paper, because you fail to see what makes your writing unique. Or amazing. Or you wonder, 'Who would ever want to read this? I'm too old for this shit.' 

- Smiling through gritted teeth when one of your friends turns her guestroom into an amazing studio. 

But you're not willing to give up.

Not yet.


You can feel your projects calling you. You certainly don't want to spend the rest of your life not creating.


What a waste. 

And then, like a dream come true, you find yourself on this very page, reading these exact words. 

Hi, we're Sarah and Inger, the women behind SHINE 

If any of the situations above makes you go, 'OMG! That is so me,' we have an invitation for you. Ready? 

You are hereby invited to put the question, 'When will it be my turn?' behind you. For good. The End

You don't need a different kind of life to get started. (The conditions will always feel impossible.) 

You certainly don't need to jump through a bunch of hoops before you get to finish your memoir, compose songs, or sell your art. 


You can live a beautiful creative life ... just the way you are. 

Time. And. Talent. Does Not. Matter. 

What matters is saying YES instead of NO. 

What matters is showing up. Allowing yourself to shine. The level of inspiration, enthusiasm, and love you feel for your art and your creative forces.

Image by Kevin McCutcheon
Creativity is all around us. 
Tapping into your creativity... sacred and life-changing.  
And you are invited. . .
. . .to train with us and create a path forward that will make your soul and your productivity squeal with joy. 
Image by Kevin McCutcheon


"What Inger and Sarah have created is so rare, beautiful, and magical. Yesterday our session made my soul soar. The ways this is expanding not only my writing and creativity, but every part of my life takes my breath away. I’m so grateful."

"What I believe this group has done for me was to jumpstart me further on my spiritual path. I am writing about my journey on this path. If this is the only result I receive from this group, I’ve hit the jackpot!"

"I have been writing some each day and am creeping up on finishing my first draft. It has been a long road that started with an intention about 7 years ago. I am so grateful for the collective energy of this group."

"I wrote and published my book! This stuff works!" 
why we created SHINE
A lot of budding (and more established) artists have doubts and fears that sound something like this: 

-My sister is the talented one. 
-What if no one is interested in what I have to say? 
-What if I'm just wasting my time? 
-Working on my art doesn't make any sense, financially. 

We get it. People have lots of insane ideas of what it takes to become an artist, and it makes us want to wave our arms in the air and say, 'You! Over here! Just . .. um. . . nooooo. There is a better way. Let us show you. This way!


Combined, we have written and published 9 books. Sarah is also a painter and sells her art online. Inger (that would be me!) is currently working on a memoir,  a TV script, and she has thrown herself into Japanese embroidery. Point is, when it comes to pulling creative ideas out of the ether and into reality, we've been around the block a few times. 

As life coaches, we've worked with poets, comedians, authors, musicians, painters, and people from all walks of life. Now we've poured everything we know into SHINE and we're excited to show you how to get out from under the crushing feeling of never having what it takes and skip straight to the ''I can't believe this is my life now!' phase of the journey.   

Image by Roman Kraft

"This group has been a turning point for me."

"I’ve searched my whole life for a community like this."

"This activates something in me that I can’t explain."

"I learned that I’m way more creative than I’ve given myself credit for."

"I’m finally following the pull towards creativity and writing, instead of putting up these walls around me or listening to the voice that says, ‘Oh, you can’t do that!"
Who is SHINE for: 

SHINE is an online group program for:  

people who want to reclaim more hours per week for their creative projects and grow as an artist. 

It’s designed for people who:

want to drop perfectionism so they can take creative risks, run with big ideas, and become weirdly comfortable with projects that feel like a big fat mess or mid-evolution. It's also for people who want to maybe sell their art without feeling like they're selling their soul. 

SHINE will help you: 

Design a path forward that compliments your personality, your interests, your lifestyle, and your goals. Bye-bye, feeling stuck and confused. Hello, outer and inner success!

This community is NOT about: 

doing things in a certain way or comparing yourself to others. 

It's actually about: 

starting where you are, making the most of what you have, and no longer feeling like your real life is passing you by. 

SHINE is for you. 
For your art. 
For the world. 

(Quick sidebar: No one on their deathbed ever said, 'I'm so glad I never got around to working on my art, phew!') 

You want more cool reasons to join? You've got it! Keep reading. 

-gather around, beautiful humans-
Here are 11 Reasons to Join SHINE

1. Because you want to get clear on what your creative work actually is and fully understand how to work on it and make it happen. 

2. Because you know in your heart-of-hearts that you're capable of so much more, but you need the right people to get you there. 

3. Because it's kind of maddening how many of your best ideas are still trapped in the ether.  

4. Because you're ready for your creativity to be an ally for growth, joy, freedom, and expansion. 

5. Because it's time to spend more time on your art than your chores. 

6. Because you're crazy talented and you know it. But sharing your gifts makes you want to vomit and you would love to sell and market your work without freaking out your nervous system. 

7. Because it's not just about the things you get to create, but the life you get to live. 

8. Because you're ready to expand into a mind-boggling bigger vision of who you thought you could be. 

9. Because you want to create more than you consume.  

10. Because you want to bask in the magical vibe of a community that is free of guilt, shame, panic, and stress. 

11. Because you look forward to having all the breakthroughs, the progress, and the satisfaction you've been dreaming of. 

OK. How do we take all of this and make it real? 
That's what coming up next 

If that sounds like your cup of tea, keep exploring or sign up right now. 


There will be no one-size-fits-all curriculum to squeeze yourself into. This is not school. This is a cookie-cutter-free zone. 


Instead, this program will help you turn your creative dreams into reality. Even if your dad is being released from prison. Even if your pug needs surgery. Even if your love life is circling the drain. 


To quote one of our students, "Instead of trying to fit my life into my writing, I now fit my writing into my life."

What does that look like for you? 

Wanna turn your entire home into an art studio, ala Picasso?

Want to create a life that feels like Andy Warhol's Factory? 

Want to be more like Fran Lebowitz? Awesome! 

Something else? We can't wait to hear all about it. 

Either way, the following topics help you create an artistic life that will make people go, 'What's going on with you? You're actually glowing.' 


SHINE-worthy topics: 




Create personalized strategies for starting a new project that feels like a guilty pleasure. More energy. More creativity. More flow. 



Learn how to overcome numbing, stalling, and procrastinating. 



Skillfully make space for all the aspects of yourselves that you were told were too loud, too much, too irresponsible, and too weird. 



Build your tolerance for saying no and set smart boundaries. This means more mental space to roam free with all the ideas that light you up. 



Breathing fresh air into projects that have flatlined is one of our favorite things to do, and now you’ll learn how to do it, as well!



Learn our process for creating beautiful workspaces that help us receive inspiration and put out our best work. 



Share and sell your work within a framework that will make you go, 'Finally something I can get behind!' No more feeling like you're selling out just because you want to sell your work. 



We're putting the FUN back in being bored. Pausing, listening, and not knowing what's next is often a precursor for amazing creative discoveries. Just you wait and see! 



Learn our best tools and strategies for owning and developing your creative skills and gifts. 

Work through these topics LIVE with Sarah, Inger, and the rest of the SHINE community. 

Enroll anytime. We can't wait to meet you! 


Once you enroll in SHINE you're a member for life and get instant access to: 

1.  Bi-weekly ZOOM classes with Sarah and Inger that will inspire you to put your creative self in the driver's seat so that you can work unapologetically towards your artistic dreams and goals. 
These classes, according to our previous participant, are the true heart and soul of our programs. It's where our community spirit truly shines. And by 'community', we don't mean a bunch of silent participants who happened to have clicked on the same Zoom link, but a gathering of humans who support and uplift each other. We celebrate individual wins and huddle around when someone is going through the not-so-easy parts of life. This is a community that supports the individual and the individual supports the group. As one woman said, 'This is the first community I've belonged to where I've never felt triggered or 'less than.' 

These Zoom classes will happen on alternate Tuesdays at Noon Central Time and last 60 minutes. (Subject to change.) 

2. Bi-weekly artist playdates. This is where we come together for 2 or 4 hour-slots to work on our craft. Honestly, when you show up for these dates, you see yourself blossoming into the person you always knew you could be. 

These Zoom classes will happen on alternate Tuesdays from 11 am to 1 pm Central time.  (Subject to change.)  

3.  Facebook community. Our Facebook group is like our community hall. This is where we learn what's going on, we check in with each other and we post exciting updates. This is also where you can showcase your talents, ask for support, and post questions. 

4.  Exclusive invitations to ad-hoc workshops, events, and fun challenges. 
These pop-up events won't happen on a regular basis, but when they do they will feel energizing and fun AF.  Who knows, maybe we'll even run a live retreat one day?

5. Complimentary access to Sarah’s 100-day project annually.

6.  Unlimited access to all our best content. Regardless of when you join, you'll have access to all recorded and written content forever and ever. Our content library will grow over time and you'll help us shape it. And remember, once you enroll, you're a member for life. For as long as this program exists, this is your place to grow and flourish, year after year after year. 

(By year after year we don't mean that everything will stay the same and on repeat. This space and community will develop and evolve over time, but regardless of what and how things change, we'll journey together.)

Come! Come and create with us. 
shine banner.jpg

"Instead of trying to fit my life into my writing, I now fit my writing into my life."

"I feared that my life would get overbooked and I wouldn’t have time to work on my art. Now I’ve learned that even when I’m stretched, I can make meaningful progress."

"I desperately craved routine, and here I’ve learned to be intentional and plan ahead."

"I have a hard time seeing myself as an artist, but thanks to this group I’m now claiming this title for myself."

"I’ve joined because I want to find my creative voice."
sign up shine

This is a no-brainer! I'm in! 


SHINE offers tiered, pay-what-works-for-you pricing for a lifetime membership. 

Regardless of what you pay, you get access to the exact same things.
No VIP drama or hierarchy bullshit.

Your next move? Click on one of the buttons below. 

Closing words. 

If the idea of joining fills you with panic, but also the idea of not joining makes you feel like you're missing out, take a deep breath and step away from the screen. 

You can't miss out. Our doors are always open. You might never join, and that's absolutely perfect. Trust yourself. Follow the path that makes you feel uplifted and alive. 

Thank you for being here. 



I'm not an artist. Is SHINE right for me?

Absolutely! SHINE is an inclusive class designed for anyone who wants to explore their creative gifts in a fun and supportive environment. 

Why should I invest in a program like this?

SHINE is all about doing more of what you love and not letting doubt and hesitation hijack your creative aspirations. If you’re ready to not let another day go by where you give in to, 'I'm not ready', we'll keep you committed & motivated to work on your craft, grow your confidence, and see yourself sparkle and shine.  


And here is something to consider. Think about the amount of time women spend obsessing over food, carrying the emotional and physical workload for their household and extended family, and getting distracted by other people's priorities. While men, historically speaking, could waltz to their studio and get lost in their art without worrying about running out of milk or making supper, female artists had to fight for blocks of ten minutes there and twenty minutes there; working on their art between chores and after the kids were off to be. How about we buck that trend and create a life where working on our art feels as natural as breathing? This is why we've created SHINE. A safe and supportive space to create, flourish, grow, and have fun without worrying about, 'Is this good enough', and stressing about the end result. 

What do you mean by lifetime membership? 

Once you enroll in SHINE, you're a member for life. Why? Because we recognize that a creative journey (or being a member of a community for that matter) isn't something we're done with after a couple of months or even a year. Once we start, we're on a roll. We want to keep going. Also, we want to create a community that honors the ebb and flow of life. Meaning, if life gets life-y and you have to hit pause for a couple of weeks, you can jump back in without feeling behind or that you're missing out.  For as long as SHINE exists, this is your online home. 

What are the benefits of a group program? 

In a word: accountability and support. And as someone said, change your community, change your life. Also, another benefit of spending time with like-minded people is that all the heavy lifting is not squarely on you. Sure, you're the one creating a podcast, writing a script, taking up weaving, or designing a cookbook, but even the most motivated, goodhearted, and passionate people get distracted. By teaming up with others, those distractions become a blip on the radar, not a way of life. We're stronger together, and there is just something magical about hanging out with people who get you and cheer you on. Lastly, alone it's easy for the inner critic to take over. In a group program like SHINE, we collectively demote our inner nay-sayer and clear space for more interesting voices to speak up. 

What's the time commitment for SHINE? I'm super busy. 

Short answer: Every other week we teach 60-min long classes, and every other week we meet for two-hour artist dates. Since this program runs year-long, you can nip in and out as you please. 

Longer answer: SHINE is all about clearing away distractions, setting helpful boundaries, and creating more space for yourself and what you want. If you feel like you "are too busy" for your creativity… chances are this is exactly what you need. 

Will SHINE members get a discount on private coaching? 

Every member will get a 10% discount on our coaching packages, outside events, and retreats.


What exactly is the schedule again? 

We'll have bi-weekly classes and bi-weekly artist dates. There will also be pop-up workshops, events, and Q & A sessions sprinkled in. All dates, times, (and sometimes topics) will be announced at the beginning of each month. And if you've participated in our other programs, you know the weekly classes will be a blend of teachings, break-out rooms, introducing new content, and sharing. 

Will SHINE help me make a living from my art? 
While this is not a business school, we will teach classes on marketing, copywriting, website creation, and creative ways to get your work into the hands of happy customers. These classes/workshops won't be mandatory, but super helpful for those of you who are ready to sell. It will also be helpful for multi-passionate entrepreneurs who can't figure out how to fit their art in with their other offers. 


You guys are pretty woo-woo. Will there be any rituals, ceremonies, and meditations like there were in your other programs? 

Yes! To put it in poetic terms: 

Together we'll connect with Beasties and perform rituals. 

We'll spend time in the luminous fringes of reality. 

We'll sing old and new songs.

We'll plant rare seeds. 

We'll find a million treasures.

We'll lie in the grass and look up at the moon. 

We'll move and dance in the forest. 

We'll rest and meditate. 

We'll gather around the fire and tell stories.  

If I don't like SHINE, can I get a refund?

We have a firm no-refund policy. Once you enroll and pay, there are no refunds for any reason, so please invest with clarity and intention

If I can't attend all the sessions, will you make recordings available? 

Yes, all our sessions are recorded and you can watch the replay anytime you'd like. 

SHINE merch (designed by Sarah) 
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