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This is a no-brainer! I'm in! 


SHINE offers tiered, pay-what-works-for-you pricing for a lifetime membership. 

Regardless of what you can afford to pay, you get access to the exact same things.
No VIP drama or hierarchy bullshit.

Your next move? C
hoose the price point that applies to you and enroll. 

(Yes, once you've paid you're in for life. No hidden costs. No surprise billing next year.

Once you're in, you are in.) 

If you have economic privilege, savings, own property, and/or have access to generational wealth. 

You might feel guilty about spending money on things you don't strictly need (new garden furniture, a private trainer, or a second home), but you're set. 

By choosing this price point you are “paying it forward” for those who have far less. 
If you have a steady income and are not kept up at night thinking about how to make ends meet. You might have some debt, but it's no big deal.   

Paying this price might mean temporarily cutting back on things like going on a vacation or dining out, but the sacrifice is temporary. 
If you have access to basic needs, but your budget is tight.

There is no way you cou
ld afford the middle tier without putting money aside for at least a year. 
 All payments are non-refundable, so please purchase from a place of clarity, enoughness, and joy. 

Also, if you're having problems with the Payment Plan option, please open this page in your Chrome browser or email

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