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Inger Kenobi

Sparkle &shine:

A new approach to moving forward with your many projects in a way that will make you filthy rich and happy, baby!
( 🌈 Clearly an exaggeration!. Or is it. . .?

You can pursue your beautiful projects in a way that makes you feel strong and free, creates options instead of reducing them, frees up time and mental energy, and holds space for all the things that matters to you. Everything is flowing in the same direction. Your life is coming together like a gorgeous tapestry, or a mandala. 

Thinking you have to be ON all the time. Thinking you have to become more productive. Trying to achieve work/life balance. Doing everything yourself. Not saying NO to things you don't want to do. Ignoring your intuition. Feeling rushed and panicky. 

We are going to change all of that. . .
. . . but not by: 

- having you do a bunch of complicated shit you hate
- sacrificing your spiritual and creative integrity â€‹

Hi! I'm Inger Kenobi, and I'm a life coach with a knack for helping multi-passionate people feel energized and joyful while pursuing their many projects and passions.  

Before I became a life coach, I worked at the Norwegian Embassy in London. Before that, I spent over a decade living and studying at a Tibetan Buddhist center in California. And before that, I tried my hands at archaeology and wanted to change my name to Inger Anna Jones. My life has never been linear and predictable, and neither is my business. The red thread, however, is doing things that feel fun and interesting to me, and approaching it in a way that draws me in like a red carpet event. 

That's what I want for my clients as well, and that is why I've poured the best of my experiences, training, and what I've learned into my coaching business.  
WHAT I do: 

I teach multi-passionate women to expand, not shrink. Here you will learn super practical skills that will increase your ability to pursue multiple projects while having the time of your life. 


Ladies, it's time to get your many ideas out of your head and into the world. 

WHY I do it: 

For too long, most of the personal development world have catered to people with only one goal. 'Follow your passion!' they say. This means that people with many interests are left with tools and strategies that work against their very nature.


Plus, I love creating space for women to love what they love, even if they don't understand it, even if it's irrational, illogical, and unrealistic. And how wild is it that nothing outer needs to change for you to go after what you love in a satisfying way? 



Three super specific things we'll do together: 


1. Streamline the process. Together we'll coordinate all your passions and create a satisfying strategy for your projects that feels like a dream come true for your personality, your nervous system, your natural way of doing things, and one that connects with the spirit of your projects (yes, that is a thing!).


OLD WAY: Looking for cookie-cutter solutions and feeling scattered and confused. 


NEW WAY: Create an action plan that is deep enough, meaningful enough, and interesting enough to support you where you are right now and your growth. 



2. Learn to manage your energy and emotions, not your time. This alone will shave months, maybe years, off your progress. How? Because you can get a lot more done in ten minutes when you're feeling lit up and focused, than in three hours when you feel flat and stressed. You'll also learn to be at ease with the full range of your emotions and see how every single one of them comes with a gift and a message. No need to change anything. Just sit with what is. 


OLD WAY: Searching for the latest productivity hacks, believing the misguided notion that every action has to be an inspired action, and rushing, rushing, rushing. 


NEW WAY: Intentionally do more of what lights you up and less of what drains you. And when things don't go according to plan, you'll take care of yourself up with kindness and compassion. You'll also discover why rest and play is like catnip for your inspiration. 


3. Go treasure hunting. In a culture that equates hard work with value, and we're raised to believe that stress is the price you have to pay for success, people tend to overlook and undervalue their skills, their experiences, their options, their connections, and their intuition. Together we'll find all the possibilities and treasures that are hiding in plain sight. 


OLD WAY: Thinking you have to work harder and do everything yourself. This is the path of overthinking, overpreparing, perfectionism, and eating all the chocolate. 

NEW WAY: Asking, 'What's the easiest way I can do this? What haven't I thought of already? Who can help me with this?' 



So who exactly is SPARKLE AND SHINE for?  


It's a one-on-one coaching package for: 

multi-passionate entrepreneurs, creatives, consultants, and professionals. You want to get more done, but not like that. 


It’s created for people who want to: 

- stop feeling like 'it' will never come together

- put self-trust front and center

- be on the path of satisfaction, inner peace, momentum and progress


And if that's you, I'm glad you found your way to this website, reading these exact words. Because...


. . . . . this program will help you: expand, take back your power, and ask for more. You know, basically the opposite of what women have been taught since the beginning of time. 


You'll also learn the two-minute tool that will help you answer the question, 'Is this a new passion or just a distraction?' 


This work is not about:  
Getting all your ducks in a row. The best time is always now and the circumstances will never be ideal.  â€‹
But this work IS about: connecting with the truest part of you and experiencing firsthand that those so-called 'crazy' and 'unrealistic' projects have a a lot more juice and momentum than the realistic ones. (Hint: if it feels a bit risky, you're on the right track.) 
To do this work, you don't need to feel qualified, ready, or prepared in any shape or form. It's for sure a COME AS YOU ARE situation. 
Where will you end up? Let's find out! 


As a result of Inger's coaching, I feel more excitement and energy in my business every day that I work. I am getting close to fully booked with one-to-one clients, and I'm growing my small group workshop as well. I also feel free and creative, expanding in other areas of life -- finishing my novel, leveling up my style, solving family arguments, applying for a fascinating Ph.D program, and making my home look so freaking cool. I painted my piano pink! 


I recommend Inger to anyone. She is a massively talented coach and a fireball of life energy!


Elaine, Simlångsdalen / Sweden


Working with Inger felt like a dusty curtain had been opened and pinned back wide. There is so much fun and possibility out there for me to go and get! She reminded me to trust the process and that magic does happen - you just have to be brave enough to be open to EVERYTHING and take the necessary steps.


- Zoe Tomlinson/ London UK


My intuition told me to hire Inger, and it was right. I've never felt better about myself. I speak up. I make more money. I take bigger risks, but I'm less scared. This is my life now. Amazing!


-Elizabeth / Canada

Want more reasons to join? Here you go!

In particular, SPARKLE AND SHINE is a joyful miracle for people who: 

- are entrepreneurs who want to weave all their different passions into a coherent business offer. 

- have been stuck in one role (mother, wife, caregiver) for too long and want something new and joyful to sink their teeth into. 

-have a 'regular' job and flirt with the idea of taking up portrait painting on the side. 

-​ are in the public spotlight and nervous about how all these other interests will mess up their image. Like one of my clients said, 'What on earth will the press think about this?'

What?? How??? | All the practicalities


We'll meet weekly for 60-minute sessions and you can choose between a 3-month and a 6-month coaching package. 

We'll meet via Zoom, which means you can sign up from all over the world. 

3 months costs £3k, and 6 months cost £6k. Easy, peasy! 

After you've paid, you'll be directed to my online booking site where you can book your first session (Yay!) 

Get started with only two quick steps:
1. Pick the optio
n that is right for you
2. After you've paid, you'll be redirected to my booking site where you can book your first session


I can't wait to work with you! 

Candy Stripes

3 months for 3k

6 months for 6k

It's your turn to:

 - forge a sacred bond between yourself and your projects

- let your passions take up an outrageous amount of time

- feel lit up and on track

Word on the Street

Inger is an amazing wayfinder. After just one session, Inger managed to put an end to three years of fluffing about and shined a spotlight on the narrow track through the trees. 

​-R. C. / Australia 


I had a coaching session with Inger two weeks ago and I’m feeling so much clarity + lightness! Squeeeeee! She’s an amazing coach and the questions she asked me helped me uncover my dearest path. Feeling grateful!

​Sarah B. Seidelmann/USA


Inger is a fantastic coach! I feel accepted, seen, and really good about myself. And I'm finally getting the results that I want! Everyone should work with her. 

​F. S. / UK 


1. Blueprints and step-by-step formulas. The only way other people's systems and advice will work for you, is if your circumstances are exactly like theirs. There is no magic bullet. You are the bullet. 

2. Having to do stuff you hate. If you don't want to make a 90-day plan, don't. If you can't stand social media, stay away. If you're an introvert, you don't have to do all the things that come naturally to an extrovert.  

3. A long list of prerequisites Your life might be at a total zero right now, but that doesn't mean you haven't earned the right to love what you do and do what you love. I invite you to start where you are, do what you can, and take it one messy step at a time. 
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