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. . . that working for yourself could feel a million times better than this, you've come to the right place. 

If you have the faintest whiff . . 
Hi! I'm Inger Kenobi and I want to live in a world where people who work for themselves (artists, creatives, coaches, entrepreneurs, healers, multi-passionate people. . . ) grow their businesses in a way that feels like the gift that keeps on giving.
OMG! So many things. Like perfectionism. Watering yourself down. Not being specific enough. Thinking everything to death. Overcomplicating the process. Not running with your most extreme ideas. (Also known as, second-guessing yourself.) Judging the direction your business is taking you. Feeling like a better person would have it all figured out by now. Almost no kindness to self. 
. . . and also. .  
. . . doubt. The sinking feeling you're doing 'it' wrong. Ping-ponging between feeling overly confident and like a total loser. Being derailed by your emotions. Fear of being judged by others. Roped into thinking, 'Build it and they shall come.' Feeling like you're ten years too late to the party. Wondering if you're a sell-out. 
THE GOOD NEWS IS.. . . . !
Regardless of where you are right now, I'll help harness all the passion, talent, joy, enthusiasm, and magical energy that made you want to work for yourself in the first place and use it to fuel the road ahead. In other words. I'll help you fall in love with your work and the way you do it. 
I'll also help you cast aside vague and meek goals so that you can go from: 
-I want to make more money
-I want to have more fun at work
-I want to write more
-I want to make money while I sleep 
-Every other Friday I want to go to my favorite coffee shop and develop new ideas. 
-By next November, the first draft of my memoir will be done. 
The result? More engagement. More dream clients. More sales. More feeling like yourself again. 


Let me just remind you: You're the boss. Your skills and talents deserve to sparkle and shine. You can do anything you want. There are no rules. Forget the past. Focus on the here and now so that you can grab all the possibilities that are hiding in plain sight. 

It's time to: 
  • Become the most interesting, version of yourself.
  • Cultivate a dream-come-true relationship between you and your work
  • Develop smarter and sharper ways of getting shit done
  • End up with a slew of happy humans who are dying to work with you and/or buy your work.
  • Carve out more hours per week for things that feel sacred and magical.
Last, but not least, dissolve months and years of 'trying to make it happen'. 


....getting unstuck has never been easier. 

Hundreds of clients coached
Infinite goals reached
Struggle, burn-out, and overwhelm-gone, gone, gone!



From living at a Tibetan Buddhist center to working at the Norwegian Embassy in London, to life coach + author. 

I mix BIG MAGIC with the ultra-practical. Two sides of the same coin. Yin Yang. 

Learn more about me HERE. 

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Word on the street. . . 

After working with Inger, I've gone from feeling frustrated and isolated to feeling like I'm on the most magical journey. I really get to do this MY way!


Working with Inger has been so inspiring and useful, and most of all refreshing.


B.L. Australia 

Inger is an amazing wayfinder. After just one session, Inger managed to put an end to three years of fluffing about and shined a spotlight on the narrow track through the trees. 

-R. C. / Australia 

I had a coaching session with Inger two weeks ago and I’m feeling so much clarity + lightness! Squeeeeee! She’s an amazing coach and the questions she asked me helped me uncover my dearest path. Feeling grateful!

Sarah B. Seidelmann/USA

Inger completely turned my head around on how I relate to money and my self-worth, something no one has been able to do before now! It was like a miracle! She is warm, hysterically funny, engaging, relentless, passionate about what she does, and a joy to work with.


-Candace Palmo, USA

In a word, Inger is amazing. Her clear, no-nonsense coaching has helped me on many occasions to gain clarity where it has eluded me, simplicity when I thought things were complicated, and joy in the process. Inger's ability to listen and ask insightful questions has helped me find my own answers -- simply and cleanly. She is a gem!

-Julie Levin / USA

I was feeling stuck and worried about the direction of my coaching business when I discovered Inger.  Across our sessions, she has enabled me to both securely connect to, and embrace, hidden aspects of myself that have been craving to see the light for some time.  As well as being a wonderful thing in its own right, from a business perspective, this has helped me to grow in confidence in terms of what I have to offer and how I want to express this to my current and future clients.   I recommend her highly.


C. Sullivan/London 

My intuition told me to hire Inger, and it was right. I've never felt better about myself. I speak up. I make more money. I take bigger risks, but I'm less scared. This is my life now. Amazing!

-Elizabeth / Canada

The one who gets everything done for me. 

-Queen Sonja of Norway 

Working with Inger has been life-changing. She has a unique ability to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. And when I was ready to give up on my dreams and sell myself short, she encouraged me to stay true to my vision. Two weeks later I landed my dream job. I can't wait to see what happens next. 

-Susan / London, UK

Inger is a gem of a coach. She makes you feel safe, understood, and capable, and her approach is both natural and effective. Each time I finish a coaching session with Inger, I feel rejuvenated and clear. Her ability to swiftly affect change is truly amazing, simply because there’s so much fun involved! For those of you lucky enough to be on Inger’s client roster, all I can say is congratulations!


-Katrina Lempenski / New York, USA

Working with Inger felt like a dusty curtain had been opened and pinned back wide. There is so much fun and possibility out there for me to go and get! She reminded me to trust the process and that magic does happen - you just have to be brave enough to be open to EVERYTHING and take the necessary steps. 

 -  Zoe / London UK

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