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My phone number is not public, but if you want to have a quick conversation over the phone, just send me an email with your number and we'll schedule a time to talk. 

There is depth, breadth,

and magic in owning

your goals and dreams. 


for the ambitious &

adventurous ones

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Hi! I'm Inger Kenobi. My clients are ambitious and adventurous people who are ready for more.
Having worked with a dazzling array of people—Royalty, the previous right hand of the Dalai Lama, diplomats, producers, creatives, meditation masters, and explores; plus members of IOC, UN, National Geographic, and Scotland Yard—I've learned that the ticket to creating a life that you love is developing  a winning mindset.
Once mastered, this mindset becomes the most powerful force in your life. It strips away the fog and helps you organise your thoughts and actions with courage, self-compassion, and clarity.  

Own who you are. 

Curious about what's in store for you? 

meet my clients

My clients have worked on Emmy award winning TV shows, received recognition from
HM Queen Elizabeth II, and are adventurous and ambitious people carrying out amazing work.
In spite of their fast-paced lifestyle, my clients continue to grow beyond their current circumstances and take advantage of new solutions, opportunities, and possibilities.
Freedom to grow and evolve is no longer an aspiration, it's a given. So is having a whole lotta fun.
Quite simply, developing a winning mindset is what helped them to:
Shatter limiting beliefs
Stand strong in their convictions and values
Trust their decisions
Lead with experience
Look beyond the obvious
Engage in smart self-promotion
Take calculated risks
Stop overthinking 
Stop underearning and finally charge what they're worth
Find hidden reserves of resilience and resourcefulness
Overcome fear
Take credit where it's due
Combat the dreaded imposter syndrome
Take ownership over their path and progress
Set clear boundaries
Contribute to others
Face challenging situations consciously and courageously
Experience (and expect) real joy and happiness
Play to win without guilt or shame
Become a Mind Warrior

who am i to teach you about cultivating a winning mindset?

I spent over a decade living at a Tibetan Buddhist centre in California. There I studied with some of the greatest meditation masters of our time.


What I learnt boils down to this:


We have to create a mind that works for us, not against us. 

the powers of our minds

The first time I heard those words I was gripped with hope and excitement. 

I can retrain my mind? I can face and transform difficult emotions? I can overcome fear and guilt?  I can . . . . .tame my mind? This is possible?!!!! For everyone? 


Then I wondered, 'Wait a minute! Why am I only hearing about this now?' 

At this point I had just turned 21 years old, and it suddenly dawned on me that regardless of how amazing my Western education had been, it never thought me the true powers of my mind.


I believe that's been the case for most of us. 

It doesn't teach us how to face and overcome obstacles and challenges. It doesn't demonstrate how to develop a repertoire of beliefs and behaviours that activate our unique gift and talents. There is no training in how to  transform our emotions into wisdom, or how to be fully in control of our unique destiny 

It doesn't teach us how to become a Mind Warrior.


Which explains why so many smart, talented, and gifted women continue to hold themselves back⁠—emotionally, professionally, creatively, and financially. 

I'm here to change that. Right here, right now. 

You are leading, not following. 

you are driven by your heart, talent,

& instincts. 

save time

Move forward with self-confidence, focus and purpose. 

save energy

Spend time on what lights you up and gives you energy. 

save money

Invest in yourself and your future, not in stuff and distractions. 


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while i don't know all the details of your life,
i do know that the people who are ready
for this work are those who: 

  • Have achieved a great deal of outer success, but are left feeling burnt out and confused. Something is missing. ​

  • Are on the brink of a breakthrough/big promotion but find clever ways to sabotage themselves. (It's not the right time. I'm not ready.)

  • Feel lonely trying to handle everything themselves and crave accountability and support. (Hello!)

  • Are fed up with insights and positive thinking that never seem to actually change anything in real life. These people are hungry for progress and meaningful results.  

  • Feel an uncomfortable gap between their high-achieving life and their insecurities and self-critical thinking. 

  • Are dying to sink their teeth into a new challenge

  • Feel like an imposter. 

  • Are secretly frustrated and bored with their lives. 

on a personal note

On a personal level, developing a winning mindset is what helped me end dysfunctional  relationships and let go of naysayers. Professionally, it helped me land a job at the Norwegian Embassy in London, despite missing the deadline and having no formal training as an Executive Assistant. 
It's what inspired me to write my first book and start an indie publishing house. It gave me the confidence to tell my husband to quit is job so he could start his own drone-filming company; this without relevant connections, angel investors, or any previous business experience. (Two of the shows he's worked on just received Emmy nominations.) 
It's what gave me the audacity to team up with Megan Hine, the world's leading survival expert and celebrity expedition leader. It's what fueled me to write the memoir of the Scottish explorer and Grand Slam champion Newall Hunter. 
It's also what gave me the courage to settle down in a remote cabin and focus on my mediation practices. No people. No talking. Just me and my mind, alone in the forest. 
It's why the Norwegian Queen called me, 'The one that fixes everything for me,' and why the Ambassador introduced me to the Prime Minister as, 'This is Inger, also known as the extension of my brain.' 
Later, it's what inspired me to train with Oprah's life coach and become a certified coach myself. 
I'm not telling you this to be an insufferable brag, but to shine a light on the fact that with the right mindset, everything is possible. You can meet and overcome challenges and temporary setbacks. You can change course, move on, and gain new ground. 
Even if you think you don't have the relevant resources. Even if you think you're too old or not talented enough. Even if you think you've lost track of what you really want. Even if society and popular culture tells you it's too late for you. 
Together we'll train your mind to access your greatness and create positive and significant change. 
This is why you are here. 
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