Never believe *I've tried everything* again. 

As a professional coach, I help you:  


get started on a strong note


Are you ready to stop worrying about
how, where and when?
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Trying something new and stepping outside our comfort zone is a deeply wild and spiritual path. Only in the sense that it brings up everything. Including every last ounce of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and feelings of not being good/ready/talented/smart enough.


And, good grief! Not to mention limiting beliefs around money, age, and worthiness. So what's the solution?


Manage your mind. The revolutionary idea that you can create a mind that works for you, not against you. You have to tend to that inner critic and notice when it pops up. You have to pause and ask, 'What am I telling myself right now, and is it even true?' 

You have to begin to trust yourself and

let everything else burn.


That's what my work is all about. 


Hello, I'm Inger Kenobi and I've always been dedicated to my self-growth. My entire adult life has been about understanding how the mind works. This has raised a million questions.


What shapes our beliefs?

What's the link between mindset and manifestations? 

What makes one person brave and another person hide?

Can 'normal' people be spiritual?

Can spiritual people have 'normal' lives?

Why are we so concerned with labels in the first place?

Shouldn't our only concern be, 'does this feel true?' 

Also, is it really possible to retrain the mind?

And if so, what does that process even look like? 


I spent ten years living and studying at a Tibetan Buddhist center where I studied with some of the finest meditation masters of our times. Everything I know about meditation, mindfulness and the powers of our minds I learned from my teachers. 


Before training with Oprah's life coach, I had the pleasure of working with Royals, diplomats, producers, creatives, meditation masters, artists, and eco-warriors;  plus members of IOC, UN, National Geographic, and Scotland Yard.


I discovered life coaching after watching an Elizabeth Gilbert talk, and the rest is history. This just goes to show that we're all just one idea, one impuls, or one new thought away from blazing a new trail. I now help my clients act on their wild ideas and forge a new path. 

about my clients

I work with individuals (and sometimes organisations) who are ready to maximise their most valuable assets: their thoughts and their time. Insights without actions is short lived, and action for the sake of action equals busywork, stress and overwhelm. To move forward in a meaningful way you need the marriage of mental clarity and strategic action. That's why they say all things are created twice: first in our heads, then in reality. 


​Helping my clients move past the 'I'm not sure if this will work' phase and make room for all that is good and true 

is what I do best.


If you're ready to go all in and see yourself succeed, I’d love to help you out. 

Sounds like a plan?

You in? 

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Cotswolds, UK
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