Cotswolds, UK
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Free decluttering book, this way! 

The Benefits of Coaching

save time

Move forward with self-confidence, focus and purpose. 

save energy

Spend time on what lights you up and gives you energy. 

save money

Invest in yourself and your future, not distractions. 
Hi! I'm Inger Kenobi

I coach people who seek positive change, are ready to take action, and define success on their own terms.


Setting passionate, yet attainable, goals is the key to staying focused on what really matters. 

Having worked with a dazzling array of people—Royalty, the previous right hand of the Dalai Lama, diplomats, producers, creatives, meditation masters, and explores;  plus members of IOC, UN, National Geographic, and Scotland Yard—I've learned that happy and motivated people don't wait for the right time, circumstances, or permission. They go after what they want and stay true to who they are. 

If that sound like your cup of tea, let's get to work. 

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