I can teach you how to create an exciting, page-turning strategy for your business.


Perfect for coaches, healers, freelancers, consultants, small business owners, and creatives. 

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Have you ever tried to follow in the footsteps of other entrepreneurs only to think, 'You've got to be kidding me with this stuff? ' 

Oh my goodness, same here!

So how do we get past the vague, universal platitudes and discover what is relevant and inspiring for us?

As a coach, writer, and business strategist, my CV is all over the place and my career path resembles a super weird labyrinth. I spent ten years living at a Tibetan Buddhist center in California, followed by working at the Norwegian Embassy in London. Then I wrote a book and co-founded a drone company. I don't fit into any neat and tidy boxes and my hunch is neither do you. 

So if you're frustrated with 'professional' strategy pitches like: 

Run Facebook ads!

Get more followers! 

Learn Kajabi!

You're not alone. These things might work for some people, but that doesn't mean they should be passed on as universal solutions. And then there's all the refrigerator magnet nonsense like: 

Build it and they shall come. 

Blay big. 
Put yourself out there. 


It makes me want to cringe. So to all you rebels, freedom lovers, original thinkers, and magical beings: It's time to bring the focus back on YOU. You can run your business any way you want. 


Your plans and structures don't have to match anyyyyyy traditional business models. 

But! You have to have a structure. 


Your creative ideas, impulses, goals, and everyday tasks need to fit into some sort of system, even if that system hasn't been invented yet. Experiment. Play. Tweak. Adjust. Regardless of what you end up with, it's important to create an atmosphere where you feel alive and fired up. That's where the good stuff and all the magic happens.  

That's why I am so passionate about my work! I help entrepreneurs run their businesses in a way that totally compliments their unique personalities and preferences. Together we'll amplify the things that give you goosebumps. A workflow that feels fun, energizing, addictive—like a page-turning novel. 


(What’s the catch? There isn’t one.)

Whatever you crave, I'll help you create it. 

Let's do this!