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is the day.

Choose your thoughts. 

Change the rules.

Create outstanding results. 









Never believe *I've tried everything* again.

As a professional coach,
I'll help you optimise your:  




Bye, bye stagnation and overwhelm.
Time is finally on your side. 
Happy is the new productive. 
Are you ready to stop worrying about
how, where and when?
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about working together


I work with women (and sometimes organisations) who are ready to optimise their three greatest assets: their thoughts, their time, and their environment. 


Upgrade your identity and change your reality. 

Inspiring thoughts and insights alone are short lived and fade away. You need to back them up with action. Now you create a feedback loop where your insights informes your actions, and your actions back up your insights. Great!

Busy versus productive. 

 But action for the sake of action is equally frustrating. It amounts to nothing more than busywork, stress, and overwhelm. To move forward in a meaningful way you need mental clarity AND strategic action plan. That’s why they say that all things are created twice. First in your head, then in reality.

Prime your environment. 

Just like an athlete needs the right gear, or a seed needs soil and water to grow, you'll increase your productivity, creativity, and wellbeing by adapting your environment to match your dreams, goals, and visions. Don't leave anything to chance. Get smart about this. When you prime your environment, having and doing what you want becomes easy and obvious. 

 I only work with a handful clients at a time, and I can’t wait to meet my next one. Maybe that's you? 



I spent ten years living and studying at a Tibetan Buddhist center where I studied with some of the finest meditation masters of our times. Everything I know about meditation, mindfulness and the powers of our minds I learned from my teachers. 


Before training with Oprah's life coach (Martha Beck), I had the pleasure of working with Royals, diplomats, producers, politicians, creatives, meditation masters, artists, and veterans;  plus members of IOC, UNEP, National Geographic, and Scotland Yard. 


I discovered life coaching after watching an Elizabeth Gilbert talk, and the rest is history. This just goes to show that we're all just one idea, one impuls, or one new thought away from blazing a new trail. I now help my clients act on their wild ideas and forge a new path. 



my clients

​Helping my clients move past the 'I'm not sure if this will work' phase and set the stage for all that is rewarding and true is what I do best.


When you're ready to go all in and see yourself succeed, I’d love to help you out. 

Sounds like a plan?

You in? 

You're only one click away from creating a totally different life. 

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Inger is an amazing wayfinder. After just one session, she managed to put an end to three years of fluffing about and shine a spotlight on the narrow track through the trees. 
-R.C. Australia

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