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Hey there! I am a copywriting expert for people who have outgrown their website and now feel their copy is a bit. . . cringe-worthy.  
I'm here to show you how to write copy that gets noticed + sounds like you, and makes your dream clients go, 'It's like you're inside my head!' 

"OMG! I've already used some of the things I've learned. What a difference. You also present the material in a really fun way. Thank you." - Jen Clark ​

New Freebie. 

Learn five super useful copywriting tools every seasoned entrepreneur should know. 

Perfect for people who are neither fresh out of the gate nor resting on their laurels. You're still fine-tuning your thing and maybe you're thinking something like, 'I'm sooooo over being a decluttering coach. I want to help people decorate their homes like an Italian villa. Walls covered in art. Heavy silk curtains. Sunflowers everywhere!'

Only problem is, every time you sit down to rewrite your copy, it's like your brain has been taken over by the world's most boring robot. 

Super frustrating I get it. But fear not! Help is near.

Just click on the button below.  

"Want your website to speak directly to the humans you long to serve? Inger is a PRO and will take you through a process so you learn how to write just to THEM!"​ - Sarah Bamford Seidelmann

Hi there! I'm Inger Kenobi. I'm so glad you're here because copywriting is not just words on a website or part of your business to-do list. It's a way of connecting with your people and communicating what your work is all about. Who is it for? What is it, specifically? What are the benefits? Great copy answers all of those questions, plus it blooms into genuine engagement and outlandish connections. 

Your Moment of Truth 

You might have realized, 'Shit, I need to redo my website,' because: 

- One of your launches mysteriously failed and instead of being upset, you take this opportunity to finally pivot and do the thing you really want to do. 


- You've woken up to the fact that your website is devoid of personality and sass. 'Why am I holding a cup that says You Are Enough in that photo?'  

- You've been surviving on word of mouth and recommendations, and thank goodness for that, because there is zero traffic to or from your website. What gives? Help, please! 

You want to write copy that makes your dreamiest, vision-board-level clients go, 'Holy fuck! This is exactly what I need.'  

Don't know how to do that? 

I do.


I am crazy good at extracting the essence of what you do (and what you dream of) and turning it into crystal clear copy. 

Most people hide behind fancy words and general phrases. 

But you're not like most people. 

Not anymore. 

You're ready to weave more of YOU into your copy and upgrade your website to something you'll feel genuinely proud of. 

More than anything, you want to invite people in, instead of trying to 'get' more clients and customers. 

That shift starts right here and now. 

Your next move? Just click on the blue button below.  

If you want to jump straight to working together, click here. 

Want to write irresistible copy?

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