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It's time to write that memoir, baby.

Welcome to our 3-day Full Moon Memoir Writing Extravaganza!
Led by Sarah Seidelmann & Inger Kenobi

Our intention with this three-day writing intensive is that you'll not only become someone who writes . . .

. . . but someone who actually finishes that damn memoir. 

Whether you've started a million times, or your book is a big fat mess, or you haven't written a single word, the help is near!  


"Sarah Seidelmann is a true medicine woman, and everything she creates is good for what ails us."
- Martha Beck, author of The Way of Integrity. 

If Nora Ephron and David Sedaris had a love child, it would be Inger Kenobi. She's a brilliant writer."
-Ingvild Paulsen, journalist and cultural trend spotter. 


🤠 Happy Clients

"Instead of trying to fit my life into my writing, I now fit my writing into my life."

"I feared that my life would get overbooked and I wouldn’t have time to write. Now I’ve learned that even when I’m stretched, I can make meaningful progress."

 🔥 "I desperately craved routine, and here I’ve learned to be intentional and plan ahead."
What gets in the way of writing, exactly? 
OMG! So many things.

No consistent workflow, for sure. No system in place to capture and develop new ideas. Not enough trust. Perfectionism. The heavy notion that if you haven't been writing every single day since you were three years old, you've missed the boat. Waiting for the right time. Nitpicking. Hoping it will all come together somehow. 

And before you know it, ten years will float you by and you're still thinking, 'Maybe I should write that memoir.' 

This is why we're not focusing on making you a better writer. 

We'll help you write. 

We'll help you get started and show you how to create a writing process, a creative journey if you will, that draws you in like a red carpet event. 

Because . . .  

. . . when you learn to show up for your writing day after day, week after week, month after month, you'll become a better writer. You just do. It will feel absolutely magical, but it's actually quite logical. When you do something repeatedly, progress is inevitable.  

So you can worry all you want about not being good enough, or you can glue your butt to the chair and start writing. 

During this intensive memoir workshop, you will learn:  

💡How to create time for your writing with the life you have right now 
💡How to structure your memoir
💡 How to avoid the three writing traps all budding memoirists fall into
💡 How to melt away writer's block 
💡 How to talk with your book (yes, that is a thing) 
💡 Five tricks for when your writing feels like a big pile of shit. 

You'll also learn how to use meditation, humour, divination, and Mother Nature to improve your writing. We all need all the help we can get!

So if you're looking for a powerful, practical, and an entertaining approach to writing, this memoir course just moved to the top of your to-do lists. 

Want all the nuts & bolts details? Keep reading, but first, a quick introduction. 

kenobi inger.jpg

Hi there! We're Sarah and Inger.


We run some of the most original, life-changing, and supportive creative courses on the internet. Since 2022, over 600 participants have taken either our long-term writing programs or participated in several of our workshops, mini-courses, or master classes. 

Now we proudly co-run the year-round online artist program SHINE, and we're known for our unique combination of creativity, humour, and spirituality. 


Sarah is a woman of medicine, a life coach, an artist, and the author of 6 books. She has a new book coming out in 2024. 

Inger is an author, translator, practicing Buddhist, life coach, and the author of two memoirs. She's currently working on her third. . . . 

"I have been writing some each day and am creeping up on finishing my first draft.  It has been a long road which started with an intention about 7 years ago. I am so grateful for the collective energy of this group."

"What Inger and Sarah have created is so rare, beautiful and magical. Yesterday, our session made my soul soar. The ways this is expanding not only my writing and creativity, but every part of my life takes my breath away. I’m so grateful."

Bye, bye, taking one step forward and a million steps back! 
No more perfectionism and nit-picking everything to death. 
Hello, being the person who gets to write THE END. 
A thousand times yes! I'm so ready for this! 
Good! Because you're just minutes away from making 2024 the year you write your memoir. 

The dates: January 23, 24, 25 -2024

Time: Each day we'll meet for two hours starting at 11 a.m Central Time (USA) /or 5 p.m. if you live in the United Kingdom (like Inger).  

Where: On Zoom, so you can participate from ALL over the world. If you can't be there live every day, we'll send you the recording directly to your inbox. 
A quick warning: we're cramming ten years of writing experience into this course, so prepare yourself to walk away with A LOT.  

Will it get a bit nutso? For sure!
Will it be awesome? You bet!

Plus. . . it's going to give your memoir all the love and attention it deserves. 

All this, and then some, for only 300 dollars. (Now you know what to ask Santa for!) 

Come join us! 

Snacks and cozy sweaters are highly encouraged. 

IMPORTANT: If you're a SHINE member, you get this course for free. We'll send you the promo code ahead of time. 

Are you ready to actually do this? 



"This writing group has been a turning point for me."

"I’ve searched my whole life for a writing group like this."


"I learned that I’m way more creative than I’ve given myself credit for."

. . . aaaand some book reviews!



Swimming with Elephants, Sarah Seidelmann
This is a fascinating, amusing, and wise account of how someone born with a shaman's predilections, raised in a rationalist culture finds her way back to her true self.
-Martha Beck

How do I look? The year I stopped shopping, Inger Kenobi
So intelligent a book about a subject that could be very superficial is hard to find. I found myself wanting to get it for everyone I knew who loves clothes--Just one warning: it is hard to put down! - Magic Dance
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