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Sarah and Inger's Parisian artist salon | free 60-min virtual experience | August 30th 2023
Image by Jeff Frenette

Welcome to our Parisian artist salon!

Hi, we are Sarah and Inger, two spiritual humans who work with healers, artists, seekers, rebels, and all kinds of creative souls. 


We have run several artistic programs and workshops together, and we have helped countless clients find their creative voices with joy, spirit, heart, and humor. 

And now we're doing something brand new! We're inviting you all to Paris. Or at least it will feel like we're gathering in a Parisian artist salon. (Cue Edith Piaf.) 

Get ready for 60 minutes packed with inspiration, eye-opening exercises aaaaaand.... . . 

. . . . . hand-picked and precise assignments that will catapult your creativity to new heights. 


Registration closed.
Click here for SHINE. 
Normally we refuse to tell our clients what to do, (look within, you hold all the answers) but this time we will share with you specific exercises we've never taught before.
Why? Because we want you to have all the creative breakthroughs you crave, in the most exhilarating (and fastest) way possible.  
No one will feel like a deer in the headlight. 
No one will wonder, 'what is my creative voice?' 
No one will think, 'I'm not the right person for this.' 
No one will be confused about what to do next.
But, like with all creative work, you will feel challenged and vulnerable. . . anything to do with art and creativity is like catnip for our inner critic . . so if you’re like, “I just want to chill and not do anything new,' you might want to sit this one out. 
But for those who can't wait to mix it up a bit, start fresh, learn how to draw inspiration and creative energy out of thin air, not to mention. . . .make their artist journey fun as fuck, this is the place to be. 
Did we mention that this class is free? 
Absolutely insane!
If you've been wondering how to work with us, or how to amp up your creativity. . . or how to get a taste for what our program SHINE is like. . . well, look no further.​
This free class is absolutely a dream-come-true for: 
  • on-the-fence artists 

  • established artists and creatives who are like, 'I need a shot of INSPIRATION and DIRECTION!'

During this class, you'll also (re)discover some of the important elements of your personal creative style, and learn how to rev up new ideas when you feel flat and stuck. 

There will also be a super-fun announcement and surprising take-aways.  

Meet Sarah and Inger 

Inge and Sarah are both life-coaches and authors who are passionate about helping people melt away their final barriers so they can finally create a business, a book, or anything else they desire from a place of joy, magic, and passion. (Humour is important, too. There is no need to take everything so seriously.) 

Sarah is the author of five books, a celebrated painter, and she is also a Woman of Medicine and Shamanic Mentor. 

Inger is the author of two books and grew up in a family where basically everyone is an artist. She is also a practicing Buddhist.

Oh, and both of them are really into creating homes and spaces that brings out the best in them. 

Image by Diogo Fagundes

Step across the threshold into a world where you are safe to create and explore your creative style. 

Let's put you on the best possible track to your artistic dreams. 

Whether you want to publish your poetry collection, take more photos of birds, rent a studio of your own, or cross over from thinking about your creative projects to doing something about them, you'll walk away from this class with a spring in your step and singing, 'Je ne regret rien!'


(IMPORTANT: For those of you already enrolled in SHINE, we've obviously saved you a seat, but you still need to register. Otherwise, you won't get the email with the right Zoom link.) 

We'll gather on August 30th, noon central time for one hour. 

See you inside the artist salon!

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