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Dreams Gone Wild

March 20th | Free 90-minute online workshop 
Learn the powerful practice of keeping a YES journal. 

Led by Inger Kenobi.

Confetti toss! This will be the event of the season, and you're all invited! 

Grab your notebook, bring your favourite drink, and let's meet on Zoom for 90 minutes of decadent dreaming, life-altering a-ha moments, and breaking the cycle of feeling like your dreams are out of reach. 

And the best part? This gangbusters workshop is just the beginning. After our time together, you'll keep the momentum (and the magic!) going by keeping your very own YES journal. 

What exactly is a YES journal?
A YES journal is a notebook camouflaged as a magical compass. 
In it, you will write down all the things you want to say YES to. Here you can brainstorm about illogical dreams, brave goals, big goals, enchanting goals, cute goals. . . hold space for your so-called 'unrealistic' or demanding desires, and get to know the answer to the question, 'What do I really want?'
You don't have to do anything about these desires and dreams, you just have to practice being aware of what you want without arguing with yourself and without talking yourself out of what you want.
A YES journal is simply a brilliant way of getting to know what goes on below the surface and slowing down enough to notice what lights you up. It's about awareness, not action. Simply put, it's about becoming so in love with your own dreams that your toes start to curl. Yes, I want this! 
This is how you break through your inner glass ceiling. You'll also start to understand what Rumi meant when he said, 'What you seek is seeking you.' 
And then. . . .
. . . . without having to plan for it or force it into being, wild things will start to happen for you. As if by magic, new opportunities will sail in out of the blue You'll have champagne-worthy epiphanies that will turbo-charge your creativity and your imagination. Things that used to feel impossible will suddenly feel easy peasy.  

When a woman starts to say YES to her desires on a daily basis, miracles happen. I've seen it time and time again. 
What you get, nuts and bolts: 
We meet on March 20th, 6 pm UK time for 90 minutes on Zoom where you will: 
- get exclusive training and inspiration for your YES journal. (the workshop will be recorded and the replay will be sent to your inbox the next day. )
-learn how to turn complaints into rocket-fuel for your most authentic dreams and desires. 
- discover why five minutes of dreaming will do more for you than ten hours of planning. 
Ready to jump in?  Awesome! All you have to do is grab your seat below. 


Image by Annie Spratt

Feel supported and recharged. 

Get tools, inspiration, and ideas you can use right away. 

Be on the path of a thousand Yesses!

Translation: you will LOVE it here!

Why not invite a friend or two? Just fill in their emails below and I'll send them an invitation 


I am Inger Kenobi, and I invented the YES journal partly inspired by Shonda Rhimes' book, 'The Year of Yes,' partly inspired by the Crazy Wisdom tradition of Tibet, and partly as an act of rebellion. 

The self-help industry is filled with advice like, 'Follow your dream. Follow your passion.' Always singular. Always only one. But big changes and mind-bending events don't happen with ONE big move or by saying YES once. It happens over time, by saying yes to an invitation, a whisper, a hunch. By tuning in and being curious and open. Plus, who said we only get to have one lonely dream? Have at it! Have ten dreams. Surprise yourself. Break all the rules. Make room for all of it. Why the hell not? 

In enters the YES journal. Here you get to write all the things you want to say YES to without having to prove yourself, justify your dreams, or even understand them. But you do have to notice them and invite them in. 
kenobi inger.jpg

Want more info? Here you go! 
3 long-term benefits of keeping a YES journal. 
1. You start to notice patterns. 'Hmmmm, this is the fifth time I've said YES to going to Bhutan. Maybe I should look into that. . . . ' 

2. You're more likely to feel uplifted and on track. 

3. You will start to discover that so-called unrealistic goals are a lot easier to achieve than you think. For me, it's always been easier to get a job at the Norwegian Embassy, find my dream apartment at half price, and sneak backstage with my favourite band, than it is to get more Instagram followers or establish a consistent morning routine. I bet the same is true for you. 

Last words: by keeping a YES journal, you start to play with the same forces that rule imagination, inspiration, creativity, synchronicities and practical magic. If that's your thing, click on the YES button now. 
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