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We can show you how to write your book in 2022 in a way that will

make your creativity

(and productivity) burst with joy. 

Let's do this!  


Our free writing class that everyone is obsessing about!

We give you 10 reasons why you should write your book, we invite you to meet your book (yes, that is a thing), and we give you practical tools on how to get started.

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Four months | One focus | Get your book written in 2022


Over a period of four months, we'll help you bring your skills, ideas, talent, and inner treasures into a page-turning writing journey. 


If you are ready for an approach to writing that allows you to blend Big Magic with the ultra-practical—instead of feeling you have to tranquilize your personality and become more author-esque, or 'write through the pain' (oh boy), or feel you need to tone things down so you won't offend anyone with your writing – this program is for YOU. 

We guarantee: you are going to ADORE finishing your book in a way that highlights everything that's great about you. 


OMG! Sooooo many things. Like, no central theme to connect all the dots. No consistent workflow, for sure. No system in place to capture and develop new ideas. A lot of doubt. Not enough trust. Perfectionism. The heavy notion that if you haven't been writing every single day since you were three years old, you've missed the boat. Waiting for the right time. Hoping it will all come together somehow. Thinking, 'who am I to write this book?' Feeling alone and scattered. 

All of the above has a funny way of turning into: 

- Starting. And quitting. Taking one step forward and five thousand steps back. Getting frustrated. Quitting. Buying a new notebook. Starting over again. Hoping inspiration will lift you out of stagnation, like the last helicopter out of Saigon. Wondering why you started this stupid book in the first place. Eating all the chocolate. 

- Struggling to put pen to paper, because you fail to see what makes your writing unique. Or amazing. Or you wonder, 'Who would ever want to read this? Who am I kidding?' 

- Smiling through gritted teeth when one of your friends snags herself a book deal. 


Yup. We've been there. That's how we know there is another way. 


After watching countless writers struggle to give their book the time and the energy it needs and deserves - and after overcoming oh-so-many obstacles ourselves - we're excited to show you a different path. A flight path, if you will, where: 

  • you'll be supported, uplifted, and on a roll

  • you'll learn in-depth writing tools and strategies that work 

  • you'll stop fussing, nitpicking, and itching to 'improve' everything

  • you'll forge a sacred bond between you and your book

  • you'll break free from writer's block and inner drama 

  • you'll isolate what you want to write about from what you think you should write about

  • you'll schedule pleasure breaks and celebrate your wins 

  • you'll get to say, 'I wrote a book!' 

We'll also teach you how to create a writing space that feels like a hug, plus share all the mistakes we've made so you don't have to!  

Who are Inger and Sarah? 

Inge and Sarah are both life coaches and authors who are passionate about helping people melt away their final barriers so they can create a business, a book, or anything else they desire from a place of joy, magic, and passion. (Humour is important, too. There is no need to take everything so seriously.) 

Sarah is the author of five books, and the latest one is titled, 'Where the Deer Dream.' She is also a Woman of Medicine and Shamanic Mentor. 

Inger has published one book and has two others in the works. She is also a practicing Buddhist and has a knack for creating page-turning strategies and structures. 

Oh, and both of them are really into beautiful clothes and places. 

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Get In the Creative Zone

To bubble all of your passion, skills, creativity, and stories to the surface in the best possible way, we've divided this program into two parts. 

PART ONE: We start with a three-week intensive where we'll create the perfect outer and inner environment for your book. Excuses melt away as you highlight everything that works in your favor.  


PART TWO: Next, prepare yourself for a three-month deep dive. You'll write, write and write, show up for your book in a way that works for you, and you'll allow yourself to have a blast along the way. 

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All the Practicalities


For the first three weeks, we'll hit the ground running with weekly Zoom calls that will take place on January 13th, 20th, and 27th. The calls will start at noon Central Time/6 PM UK time and last for 90 minutes. If you can't be there live, we'll send you the recordings the very next day. In between calls we'll stay in touch and cheer you on in our Facebook group.  

During this time we'll turn our attention inwards so your writing can play an expanded role in your life. Lovingly and strategically creating that space will allow you to keep working on your book, no matter what kind of fancy tricks your inner critic might pull. 

1. Week One

Here we'll set the scene by creating an insanely inviting writing space. One that draws you in, like a red carpet event. Next, we'll gather all our writing materials (notes, journals, printouts), followed by blocking out time for writing. We recommend setting aside at least 3-5 hours a week to write. We'll also share strategic writing tools and our favorite writing tips from Elizabeth Gilbert. 


2. Week Two 

Your book is done! How did that happen? That's the focus of this week's call. We'll reverse engineer the process and re-trace our steps. This powerful exercise will highlight all the things that work in your favor, what to watch out for, and how to navigate outer demands and challenges. Once you know the lay of the land, you no longer have to worry about your life getting in the way of your writing. 


3. Week Three, 

But what about inner obstacles, like your unhelpful thoughts? Here we'll share practical and magical tools (yes, you need both) that will help you focus when your book feels too big and overwhelming. Or not big enough. Or you're disgusted with your writing. Just rest your wings . . . ahhhh. . . while we guide you out of the swamp. You'll also learn what Inger told Sir Ian McKellan when his book project flatlined.  


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You'll be excited to know that for the next three months, we'll dive deep and shift gears into monthly Zoom calls that will take place on February 20th, March 20th, and April 10th. The calls will start at noon Central Time/6 PM UK time and last 90 minutes. If you can't make it to the live sessions, we'll send you the recordings the next day. We'll also touch base and hold space for you all in our Facebook group. 

During these months we'll turn out attention outwards and focus on writing, writing, writing. Did we mention all the writing? By now you have your writing nook, your journals, your hand-crafted routine, your tools, and your supportive community. It's time to leave the nest. 

1. February Session

It's check-in time! Here we'll learn about your progress and give you the writing tools you need for the next leg of your journey. Together we'll tweak, adjust, adapt, and keep going. There will also be time for asking questions and receiving guidance. Prepare to leave the call fired up and ready to write. 


2. March Session

What happened over the last four weeks? Did you reward yourself along the way? Did anything surprise you? Did you have a breakthrough or a breakdown? Either way, we're here for you. This continues to be the space where we magically turn every obstacle into creative fuel. We'll also make sure you're writing routine continues to feel alive and personal, not stale and formulaic.  


3. April Session

Ta-da! Our last session together! Let the celebrations begin. By now you're a seasoned writer with an impressive track record. You have what it takes to navigate resistance and catapult out of stagnation. Whether you finish your book tomorrow or by Christmas, you're now a person who says YES to writing. Yes to the journey. Yes to seeing it through. Translation: you are amazing! 


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Yes, I am so ready for this!
Our first Zoom call will take place on January 13th, and the last one on April 10th. Six calls in total.  

If you can't be there live, no worries. We'll email you the recording.

Also, we'll have our own Facebook Group.


But the power of this program is linked to neither Zoom nor Facebook. This is all about listening to the voice that says, 'It's time to write.' It's about honoring your calling, as cliche as that might sound. It's also about feeling less alone and more connected with people who truly get you. And above all, it's about shaking things up a bit and really going for it. If not now, when? 

Come! We can't wait to meet you!

It doesn’t matter if your book lives in your head or you’ve already started.

Either way, you'll get something out of this program.  

Register below. 

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A smart and refreshing approach to writing. 

Creative tools and strategies that will help you scoop up the magical energy that will get your book out of your head and into the world. 

A private Facebook group where you'll find inspiration and make new friends. 

Exclusive access to our live Zoom sessions. Solidarity, fun, and writing-all rolled into one. 

Results that will last a lifetime. 

595 US dollars/ 445 pounds

This program is non-refundable, so please invest with intention and enthusiasm. 



In the history of writing, people have written books as a hobby, as a calling, as part of their healing journey, out of desperation, and just for fun. 

Had these people started out being overly worried about things like spelling, grammar, not being a good writer in the 5th grade, and not having anything original to say, a fair amount of nothing would have happened. This is why the following will NOT be included in this program: 

- We will not edit, read, or critique your work

- We will not ask you to share your work with the other people in the group

- We will not have you read anyone else's work. 

This program is all about getting you from 'Once upon a time'  to 'THE END'. After you've reached that magnificent milestone, you can seek out all the editors, proofreaders, and beta-readers you want. Or not! Up to you. 

But first things first. GET. THE. BOOK. DONE. Block out all the noise and focus on your writing. Let's do this!